Efficient Pest Control on Cockroaches

All Aces Cleaning & Restoration offers effective cockroach control solutions.

Our Pest Control Services are based on the understanding that cockroaches have mastered the art of making our lives a little uncomfortable as they scavenge around for left-overs in the kitchen and elsewhere in the building. Whether it’s that droplet of food you never see as you clean your kitchen, or the cheese you enjoyed, they will definitely find it and feast.

Further, there are many species of cockroaches and even when you think you have won the war by applying some chemical your friend recommended, you will still be shocked to find some stubborn species hidden in secret locations like cracks and crevices.

Photo of a cockroachAlso, cockroaches can easily carry disease causing organisms by lifting them on their bodies and legs then deposit them on your food or utensils as they move around looking for food.

Understanding all the little tricks and being aware of the dangers they pose, we have designed our cockroach control services with the knowledge that cockroach control is no longer a matter of spraying chemicals around the house but rather a task that must first and foremost aim to inspect and determine the extent to which the cockroaches have infested your house or office. Only then can we embark on designing a strategy that will help clear the cockroaches.

Our service treats the ceilings, cavities, cracks and crevices with the latest cockroach control formulations like gels to bait the areas where the cockroaches like to hide and glue traps as well for places sensitive to insecticides.

All our Technicians are professionally trained in cockroach control so you can be confident that our cockroach control services in Brisbane will keep the cockroaches out of your house-completely.

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