Controlling Ant Infestations

An infestation of ants can be detrimental to health and hygiene as well as cause a disruptive and unpleasant environment.

Many pest control services use traditional methods that include toxic chemicals as a way to eradicate pests such as ants. Understanding the ecology of a pest is a more effective and safer method of getting rid of any infestations safely.

Ants are attracted to moist environments and sugary foods stuff. More than that your home may be compromised in terms of structural decay where ants can enter and make your home their home. Home-owners often try poisonous sprays in desperation, but there are safer methods. All Aces Cleaning & Restoration in Brisbane understand not only the life cycle of ants, but also the types of environments they are attracted to and why.

How To Get Rid Of Ants

The Technicians with All AcPhoto of an antes Cleaning & Restoration in Brisbane have in-depth knowledge of how ants enter a home, where they hide – in places such as walls, heating equipment, moist areas like the bathroom, and the types of foods they find repugnant as well as those they are drawn to.

We will treat cracks in the walls, crevices and hiding places effectively with none toxic gels and baits. Plus halt the process of their reproductive cycle from pupae to adult ants.

These gels are not harmful to humans and do not release toxins into the home environment. The extent to which the infestation is considered before any work is done, as well as the causes and entry points that the ants gained access to the home. Each solution is targeted specifically to the pest in question so there is no guesswork. The family can be assured of a clean and safe eradication with no after effects from chemicals.

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