What is a Rug Pad?

What is a Rug Pad?

Have you ever wondered “what is a rug pad?”, and why you should use it? The below will answer your questions.

Rug pads are very versatile and serve many purposes. They are often used to prevent rugs on hard surfaces from buckling and slipping. They can also work as shock absorbers. This dual function assists with reducing the amount of wear and tear caused by foot traffic, ultimately prolonging the life of your rug. Rugs are known to slip and buckle, particularly when they are placed on slippery, shiny wooden floor. Unfortunately, when this happens there is potential for an accident to occur which may result in serious injury. Every rug that is placed on a hard surface can benefit from having a rug pad placed between the rug and the floor.

Below, some advantages of using a rug pad are outlined:

Why use a rug pad?

  • One of the main advantages of placing a rug pad under your rug is to prevent slipping. When your floors are shiny and slippery it is incredibly easy for your rug to slide as you step onto them and this could result in accidents. Thin rugs tend to move around when stepped on as they are not heavy enough to stay in place on their own. An effective solution to this problem is to place a rug pad between the rug and the slippery floor. This will help to ensure that your rug stays in place, even when walked on.
  • Additionally, many rugs have rough, coarse backs that have the potential to cause scratches, scuffs and other damage to your beautiful wood or tile floors. This can be prevented by placing a rug pad underneath your rug. The rug pad will work as a barrier between the roughness of the rug and the floor. It will prevent the rough backing from sliding over the surface of your floor, leaving you with unpleasant scratches.

What do we recommend?

AllAces Cleaning & Restoration recommends TEEBAUD rug pads. We are more than happy to advise you of the correct rug pad to place under your rug. We also offer this service as part of our complete and comprehensive rug cleaning service.

If you have any questions about rug pads, our rug cleaning services or need assistance in purchasing a rug pad, please contact AllAces Cleaning & Restoration on 1800 00 1010.

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