Water Damaged Drywall Repair

Water Damaged Drywall Repair

Have you noticed staining or discolouration on your ceilings or walls? What about peeling tape joints or a musty odour? These are just some of the indicators that water damage has affected your drywall. If left unsolved, water damaged dry wall can develop nasty mould and mildew that can lead to structural damage. 

If you’re tired of staring at your damaged walls, call AllAces Cleaning & Restoration to come and perform a water damaged drywall repair. Water damage is one of the most common reasons that homeowners need to repair their drywall. When water penetrates the dry wall, the walls can lose firmness and start to crumble. 

Our Process

When our team at AllAces perform a drywall repair, we first identify the source of unwanted water and then replace the damaged drywall, as well as any other affected surfaces to prevent further damage to your home. Our skilled and trained water damage restoration team is equipped with the latest technology to repair even the most difficult water source issues. 

After identifying the source of water damage, we remove the affected drywall and further inspect it. At AllAces Cleaning & Restoration we make sure that all affected drywall is removed. If the sheetrock retains water or moisture, it can result in the growth of mould. Any damaged insulation and wood should be removed by our team.

The next part of our repair process involves the use of water damage restoration equipment like powerful dehumidifiers and ventilators to allow air circulation and speed up the drying process.

After drying process, we inspect for mould and mildew. If there is affected wood, we perform sanitising using antimicrobial and mould prevention products. We have mould remediation specialists who can test and treat your home if needed

After we treat and dry up the affected areas, we replace the removed framework with fresh woods and insulate the walls. We then install new drywall. We tape, block coat, and skim coat when we perform new drywall installation to make sure the repair process becomes a success. We also sand after the multiple coats have been made and the drying is completed. We often recommend applying texture or other finish to ensure complete colour matching after the repair. 

Repairing water damaged drywall requires time and patience. That is why it is a difficult task if you do it yourself. Save yourself a headache and call our team at AllAces Cleaning & Restoration on 1800 00 1010 to do the task for you.

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