Teebaud Non-slip Pad for Rugs

Teebaud Non-slip Pad for Rugs

When it comes to rugs, a non-slip pad for rug is an important element of home furnishing as it not only enhances the functionality of your flooring, carpets and rugs but it also minimises the risks of injury caused by falling or slipping. To make sure that a non-slip rug underlay lives up to your expectations regarding its utility, it is always advisable to invest in a product for a reputable brand name like Teebaud. The qualities of Teebaud non-slip underlay pads make them the best choice for carpet, rugs, and hard floors.

Premium Underlay Pads

The high-end technology used to manufacture Teebaud non-slip pads makes them a reliable choice. The minimal thickness of these underlay pads means you get non-skid protection without any noticeable underlay layer beneath your carpet or rugs.

Long Lasting

These underlay pads are made from distinct types of unwoven polyester materials that are needle punched to make sure that your rug underlay does not wear out, rot or begin to shed fibres with prolonged use. The grey fabric is specifically designed for hard floors, while the white one is meant for rugs and carpets.

Deliver on Non-slip Promise

Unlike other non-slip underlay pads that are available in the market, the non-slip pad that is manufactured by Teebaud delivers on their promise of offering you a slip-proof experience. The rug underlay is finished with a layer of adhesive coating on both sides that holds the rugs, carpets, or flooring to the ground, preventing buckling and movement.

The adhesive on the Teebaud non-slip slip mats has unique clean-lift properties that facilitate relocating an area rug or carpet without leaving any permanent marks on the floor. It is for this reason that the Teebaud underlay pads are a preferred choice for commercial establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and offices.

Surface Friendly

The clean-lift properties in the Teebaud underlay pads have been devised to ensure that the rug underlay does not cause any damage to your carpets, rugs or floors.

Offers Protection

The thin yet fluffy texture of Teebaud underlay is designed to prevent damage to carpet and rug fibres. Besides adding extra cushion, these under-pads prevent accumulation of mildew or moisture by facilitating constant airflow.


The Teebaud rug underlay does not emanate an odour, which is a persistent problem with most other underlay pads on the market.

DIY Installation

You do not require and expert’s intervention to install these non-slip pads. You can do it yourself by cutting it to size, placing the right side on the specified surface as per the instructions – the simple tip to remember is that the grey fabric is for hard floors, and the white for carpets – and then placing the rug on top.

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