High-set Home Water Damage Restoration

High-set Home Water Damage Restoration

At AllAces Cleaning & Restoration we are aware that high-set home water damage restoration has become more common. This process is one that needs specialised drying equipment to successfully dry out all structural water damage to the house. A client called us with her worst nightmare. After a full day’s work, she had returned home to find her house flooded from a leaking dishwasher.

We sent two of our technicians out straight away to try and save our client’s home. Due to the nature of the water damage, we knew that we would need a lot of drying equipment to complete the water damage job successfully.

Water Damage Restoration Equipment

  • Direct-It-In – The Direct-It-In is one the best pieces of restoration equipment systems for drying under cabinets. Injectidry’s Direct-It-In Universal Airmover Adapter is specifically developed to target areas that need high air exchange rates. The machine dries throughout the house and can be ducted under cabinets and skirting boards to ensure they are all dried correctly.

Knowledge and expertise to be able to use equipment like this is only achieved through years of experience in the industry. Unfortunately, it is becoming more common that people try to do the job themselves or get unqualified companies to dry structures for them. Generally, it isn’t until months later that mould and rotting starts to appear because the issue had not been solved properly.

If you have water damage in your premises, save yourself a lot of money and grief by hiring qualified professionals only. Call your insurance company or AllAces Cleaning & Restoration and make sure that your water damage restoration job is done correctly the first time.


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