How to Clean a Mattress and Remove Mould

How to Clean a Mattress and Remove Mould

One of our valued clients contacted us with concerns regarding her very expensive custom-made mattress. We sent one of our technicians out and he noted that there were visible mould issues. Our technician advised the customer that our mattress needed to be brought into our factory in Murarrie for intense cleaning. 

How to Clean a Mattress Professionally

Upon the arrival of the mattress to our factory, one of our technicians began the cleaning process right away. 

  1. Using a unique upholstery tool, the mattress was pre-vacuumed to remove up to 80% of the dry soiling from the mattress. 
  2. With a spray bottle, the appropriate solution was then applied to the mattress from top to toe, tocondition the fabric and start breaking down any soiling. 
  3. The agitation process is a key part of the cleaning process as it loosens the soiling and brings it to the surface for up to 50% cleaner mattresses. 
  4. Our steam extraction tool was then used to extract soil and detergents from the fibres. This tool works using dual action by both applying high pressure steam and extracting the dirty residue simultaneously. 
  5. Our unique mould remover was then applied using a spraying action to the affected areas and was left to sit for half an hour to start breaking down the mould. 
  6. The steam extraction process was then repeated to ensure all chemical was removed. 
  7. Sometimes, depending on the condition of the mattress, these steps can be repeated up to three times to obtain the best result. 
  8. Our technician then applied a deodorising a neutralising solution to the mattress to ensure that no sticky residue was left behind. 
  9. Finally, the mattress was surrounded by high-speed air movers so that when our client collected the mattress it was left dry and ready for use. 

The cleaning of your mattress should happen a minimum of once every 2 years to eradicate any form of mould or allergy prone nasties like bed bugs, dust mites, dust mite faeces, dead skin, hair, and fungal spores, just to name a few. 

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