Cleaning Precious Wood & Timber Floors

If you have wood floors installed, you can rely on the product line that we use here at All Aces, to preserve, and bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Not only will these products help to maintain the flooring you have installed, but it will also help keep the floors looking brand new year after year, regardless of how old the floors are, or how much traffic they see. You are no longer going to have to rely on messy standing and sealing systems for your floors to look good. As part of the maintenance process, we can apply this product to any timber floors that you have installed. When applied properly, you won’t have to worry about having the wood floors sanded again.

Timber and Hard Wood Floor

Wood Floor Cleaner

With any finished and sealed wood floors, we can help you maintain and clean these finished floors. Not only will this remove soil build up on your floors, it will also avoid leaving the filmy build up that other cleaners leave behind when you apply them to wood floors. Prior to using matte finish restored and wood floor cleaners, it is essential that you apply this for optimal results, and a fine finish.

Wood Matte Floor Cleaner & Restorer

With any wood floors you have in your home, this product is going to provide the perfect finish and shine to your floors. This product is also going to help restore the floors that have been damaged by fire or flood waters, or wood furniture that has been damaged as well.

Glossy Finish Wood Floors

For severely damaged and soiled floors, this is the product to use on your wood floors. When the floors have to be completed re-glossed, because of any damage which is a result of rain, fire, wear and tear, or other spills, this product will do the trick and restore them to a brand new look. With bare wood floors in the home, you can completely finish and seal your wood floors with this glossy finish product. If you have brand new, or sanded floors, you can also apply this as the first coat finish, to bring out the shine, and the true natural beauty of the wood. It can also be applied over solvent coatings that are properly prepared, to bring out the natural shine and beauty of the floors as well.