Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Sealing

Vinyl floors can be difficult to maintain, especially when they become so dirty that mopping alone no longer makes a difference.

If you allow us to do it properly for you, you should never have that problem again as our system is extremely long-lasting and with proper maintenance should last for the rest of the floor’s life.

We have 3 main services for vinyl cleaning and sealing

  • Our Basic Service which includes vinyl cleaning process and 3 coats of sealer.
  • Our Standard Service which includes vinyl cleaning process and 5 coats of sealer.
  • Our Deluxe Service which includes vinyl cleaning process and 8 coats of sealer.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning Process

Our service consists of nine steps:

  1. Pre Inspection – professional advice and evaluation of your vinyl flooring
  2. Dust, Mop and of Vacuum the floor to remove all dry particles
  3. Apply cleaner/stripper to start removing old sealer – A specialised solution to break down soiling & existing sealer
  4. Rotary Agitation loosens and breaks up the soiling
  5. Extract all standing water and old sealer
  6. Wet mop floor to remove any residue with hot water
  7. Dry mop, drying the vinyl flooring
  8. Apply coats of quality sealer with a built in hardener
  9. High Speed Air Movers are installed, allowing for drying between each coat.

Samples of vinyl floor patterns

With this method, gone are the days of just two coats of sealant, then repeating when the floor got really bad again.  With our maintenance plan in place and followed correctly, your floor will never get that bad again, so the occasional thorough clean and top up with a new coat of sealant is sufficient to keep it looking pristine. We also offer free inspections after a few months and advice on additional coats and suitable cleaning regimes.

As part of our comprehensive service, we can also provide simple cleaning of vinyl floors that do not need sealing, or of those that cannot be sealed.

The Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast divisions of All Aces Cleaning & Restoration Vinyl Cleaning and Sealing believe that education in the correct maintenance methods is the answer to keeping vinyl floors looking their best.

Our Maintenance Cleaning Options for Vinyl Floors

  • Spray Buffing a maintenance process for sealed vinyl floor giving a basic clean and a seal gloss over the floor (eg. like washing and wax your car)
  • Vinyl Cleaning cleaning your vinyl when you need to pre-seal if there was no sealer on the vinyl also when its due for a clean and top up of extra sealing coats.
  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Cleaning when that vinyl floor hasn’t been looked after and needs more than the normal cleaning.
  • Sealing Coats after cleaning the floor may need a couple of coats of sealer to bring back the luster.

We can also provide information about the Microfibre Mopping systems available if required.