Sealing Natural Stone Tiles

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For Natural Stone sealing, We, at All Aces Services, provide the best you need.

Our products are coatings and penetrating sealers that are not only available in solvent based and water based but in BioSafe Technology options.

In addition, we offer different coatings products that are also available in solvent and water based solutions. The solution is placed as a coating on top of the tiles. Once the layer is in place, it serves as a significant barrier that will protect the tile from oil staining and water that may enter the pores of the tiles.

Terracotta tiles that have been sealed

For tiles such as terracotta, coatings that are water based are the best to use. To apply them, you need to clean the tiles first before coating them with a water based sealer. After the sealer has settled down, you can then clean and top it up with the coating.

On the other hand, using a solvent based coating may be difficult to manage but it can last longer than other coatings. This type of coating is more costly to apply as well as to remove. This is because when removing the coating, you may need to repaint the skirtings as a solvent stripper is required to eliminate the old sealer and get the job done.

Penetrating sealers work by saturating the natural stone to bring out its natural look. You can choose from different grades of penetrating sealers that will suit the stone best. However, you should take into consideration a few factors. First, the sealer that you will use depends on how much body the sealer has and secondly, you should consider the size of the stone’s pores.

Sealing natural stone tile and grout will be so much easier when you employ help from experts. Bring out the beauty of your home’s hard surface. Get a instant quote and in-home assessment today, contact All Aces Services on 1800 00 10 10.

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