Cleaning of Marble and Granite Tiles

At All Aces Services in Brisbane, servicing the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, our residents can trust in our professional tile and grout cleaning service. We provide several services including granite and marble cleaning, sealing, as well as preventative maintenance.

A marble or granite tile

Many home-owners are under the impression that their marble or granite counter tops are indestructible when actually it is highly susceptible to scratching, staining, and more. Red wine spills can stain the stone, as well as orange juice and other liquids containing a high-level of citric acid.

All Aces Services is a professional cleaning and restoration company that specialises in cleaning all types of tile and grout. We start by dry sweeping the area to be cleaned in order to remove any dry residue and soiling. We then agitate the area and apply an effective alkaline cleaning solution to the areas. We also implement a high pressure steam cleaning method that utilises a high powered extraction technique. It’s critical to dry the area, so we drop mop the area before we place high powered air movers throughout the entire area to ensure a complete finished look.


Sealant is extremely important to the longevity of your tile, marble, or granite. When such an expensive investment has been made in your home, such as marble and granite tiles, it’s important that you protect it as best as you can, and All Aces Services in Brisbane has the experience and know how that remains unsurpassed in the industry.

We Apply a high quality penetrating sealer to the granite and marble and then allow it to fill in the pores and seal the grout. Next, we allow the sealer to completely harden, and then we buff the tiles to a beautiful, long lasting sheen. To tackle a job like this effectively you need specialised and certified training and the years of experience that our technicians have.

If you don’t keep up the maintenance on your tiles, they can become pitted and damaged over time. They need to be polished regularly to keep them in their best condition.

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