Maintenance Cleaning on Hard Surfaces

Maintenance cleaning on hard surface floors is not easy – Wood, Vinyl, Grout and Tile are all very difficult to clean thoroughly. All of these hard flooring require different cleaning frequencies, ranging from weekly to sometimes even daily. Most people are unaware of the correct techniques involved in cleaning hard floors and thus end up with untidy floors or even worse, cause damage to the floors.

It is vital to avoid acid based cleaners, as they cannot clean the floor completely and may even stain or damage the floor (Vinegar etc.). Bleach is also highly ineffective while cleaning hard floors. Disinfectants can clean the floors, but attract soil and other dirt particles afterwards, being positively charged. Cleaners with high alkalinity and methylated cleaners usually leave residues and dull the floors finish. So what is the correct way of cleaning hard floors?

Bottle of Bio Safe Natural Clean solution

The first call of action while cleaning hard floor spills is to mop up the spill immediately. The best way to do this is with the Natural Clean solution and micro fibre mopping systems. The Natural Clean solution is a highly concentrated cleaning agent, therefore it should be used only in a diluted form. Ideally, a spray bottle containing Natural Clean and water in a ratio of 1:80 should be used. This will ensure that the solution does not cause any damage at all to the floor being cleaned. An 8-figure motion should be performed using the Micro fibre mopping system. Care should be taken about the mopping action. There should only be side to side movement in a figure of 8, without forward or backward pushing at all.

For Grout and Tile based hard floors, maintenance cleaning is only required once in several months. Before cleaning, it is advisable to the mop/dust the floor using the Micro Fibre mopping system. The Natural Clean solution should be diluted using warm water, in the same ratio of 1:80. A Grout broom, dipped in the cleaning solution, should be used to rigorously clean the floor area. Any excess solution on the floor can easily be wiped off using the Micro Fibre mopping system.

We also have our Armour Plate Neutral Floor Cleaner which is a concentrated neutral floor cleaner designed for cleaning of all commercial and domestic floor surfaces. It contains surfactant that emulsifies greasy soils and holds them in suspension without redepositing over other areas of the floor or surface being cleaned. It is IDEAL to use on polished floors. It is safe to use on all surfaces, from vinyl to linoleum, slate, terrazzo, marble, sealed timber floors etc.; and is suitable to use with either Auto Scrubbers or manual maintenance cleaning methods.

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