Glass Cleaning and Sealing

When you have a lot of glass windows and doors in your house/office, you just don’t want to end up on the wrong side of things. Glass, being a porous substance, usually attracts the maximum amount of dust and contaminants. The end result is that your glass becomes dirty and hampers clear visibility. If you too are suffering from such a problem, then you have got to read on for a solution.

Don’t take matters into your hands

Ideally, we have a habit of trying to tackle the problem on our own, before actually seeking the help of a professional. In such a scenario, you tend to use a lot of newspapers, detergents etc, trying to get rid of the stains in order to restore the visibility of the glass. However, as per the experts, you should avoid such things at any cost.

Cleaning the glass on your own may sometimes bear results; however, there is no surety of being able to achieve 100% results. This is where All Aces Services comes to your rescue. They provide a specialised glass cleaning and sealing service which guarantees you great results accompanied with a peace of mind.

Some advantages of using the Clear Shield coating (All Aces Services special glass cleaning and sealing solution):

  • Longer protection from contaminants, leaving you with better options and access to durable services
  • Once the professionals are through with the cleaning process, you will be able to clean the glass yourself
  • Awards a new lease on life to the glass, making it look nice and clean always
  • Sustain a hygienic environment for yourself

Glass windows, doors and ceilings

All Aces Services professionals extend a helping hand to the customers, especially when you have to get your shower screens, glass pool fences and house glasses cleaned. At the same time, you can also hire experts to get your floor, wall and shower tiles cleaned. With so many services being provided under one roof, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, ever.

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