Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaning

Ceramic tiles on a wall

With over 15 years of experience, customers can expect the best results for tile and grout cleaning with All Aces Cleaning & Restoration.

There are three main types of ceramic tile on the market today, each with their own cleaning requirements:

  1. Gloss Finish – This gloss is not the problem; the problem lies in the grout. When cleaning the floors with a wet mop, dirty water tends to build up in the grout.
  2. Matt Finish – Due to the fact that discolouration occurs over a period of time, when these types of floors are installed in a residential area, it is best to have them replaced every one to two years, to ensure the best look and finish.
  3. Textured Ceramic – Because this is a non slip surface, the floors tend to get dirtier faster than the gloss finish. And, because it is a non slip tile, it makes cleaning the floors much harder, because the material gets dirtier than other flooring textures.

When you choose All Aces, our Technicians will alkaline and acid wash the ceramic tiles.  Then in addition to this treatment option, power wash the grout for optimal results, adding a brand new look once the cleaning process is completed.

Once we complete the cleaning services in the home, you may also consider having one of our team of highly trained professionals seal the grout, in order to avoid staining, and keep the flooring looking brand new for a much longer period of time.

If you are ready for quality ceramic tile cleaning services, you can call the All Aces to schedule an appointment. Call us on 1800 00 10 10, to discuss the best cleaning and sealing services for your ceramic floors.

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