Spiders and Redbacks on the Gold Coast

All Aces endeavours to provide specialised spider control services at the Gold Coast; paying particular attention to the redbacks because as you may know these are the most dangerous spiders across Australia due to their neurotoxic venom which is extremely poisonous to humans, their bites can also cause very severe pain. Since we don’t want these harmful pests to linger around your home and cause harm, we are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure the spiders are fully eradicated.

The redbacks love to stay in dry areas such as stored boxes, under roofs, and fence capping – areas you rarely have time to look at. One interesting thing about the redbacks is the rate at which they can reproduce; the females can lay 8 sacks of eggs in a span of 8 months-each sack containing 200-300 eggs. So our foremost aim besides eradicating the existing redbacks is to destroy all the eggs that may have been laid to ensure they don’t get to hatch and develop into hundreds of thousands of more redbacks.

Just like all the other areas where we provide pest control services in Australia, our Gold Coast spider control services are based on low toxic treatments-all balanced in good combinations that will definitely safeguard your health, that of your family and pets as well.

Early Intervention for Spiders and Redbacks

Millions of redbacks are known to infest the Gold Coast every year during the summer months, and there are hundreds of thousands of bites that are reported yearly. Evidently the redbacks are extremely dangerous hence early interventions are necessary to control their spread because the more they become the harder or more expensive it gets to manage them.

Should you therefore spot the redbacks or indeed any type of spiders around your home or office, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, the staff at our Gold Coast pest control division will definitely swing into action.

You can rely on All Aces for complete spider management services at the Gold Coast, covering both domestic and commercial premises.

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