Pest Control for Fleas on the Gold Coast

Fleas are a common menace in both residential and commercial premises; they can inflict damage and transmit serious human and animal diseases. They are not only annoying and irritating but they are also disgusting. Unfortunately, most of us are never aware that a major part of the fleas’ life cycle takes place off our lovely pets and even more in the areas where the pets frequent most.

Indeed it has been established that for every 5 fleas you see on your dog or cat, chances are high that there could be over 95 in your beautiful carpet.

This is definitely hard to imagine, but it opens us to the reality of how easily the fleas can find their way into our houses and offices thanks to the perfect environment cultivated by pets.

While basic management should undoubtedly start by you observing proper house practices like cleanliness; it is never 100% sufficient to keep the fleas out. This is why professional flea management is necessary as the best way to administer treatment that will not only eradicate them but also minimise the risks posed by the fleas.

Our flea control services at the Gold Coast are provided by pest management professionals who have received comprehensive training in the latest and safest techniques of flea control; customised and focused on your unique needs. Our integrated approach focuses on proper identification of the fleas in homes and offices, accompanied by thorough inspection of possible areas of infestation both indoors and outdoors – particularly where pets frequent most.

Depending on the unique factors presented by your environment, we will use a combination of treatments that have all been tested and proven not to cause any harm to the environment or humans.

Our licensed technicians will assist you with tailored services that are guaranteed to meet your needs in a way that stands out as the best flea control solution at the Gold Coast.

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