Gold Coast Carpet Pests, Moths and Beetles

While most species of insects are beneficial to the environment and human beings, some are totally destructive and can cost us millions of money if not controlled in good time. Carpet pests, beetles and moths fall in the destructive category; they will find shelter in our houses or offices in areas that will take us time to notice. And since they must survive, they will reach for items that contain substances they can feed on including our valuable carpets.

Considering that you are busy, you are not likely to spot signs of the presence of these pests in your house; but it will strike you that they are present when you discover that your once good looking carpet is now torn and ugly in appearance – you will be disappointed. These are the kind of disappointments we want to save you through our carpet control solutions at the Gold Coast.

For all these harmful carpet pests, beetles and moths, we offer a combined treatment through our Gold Coast pest control division. All treatments are accompanied with sustainable protection that will continually prevent these little unwelcome ‘guests’ from infesting your home and gradually reducing your beautiful carpets to mere ugly materials you will hate to see in your house.

At All Aces, we use the most effective treatment and repellent products to manage the carpet pests, quickly driving them away and making it difficult to ever come back again. Our Gold Coast carpet pest control services are particularly aimed at effectively killing and eradicating the carpet pests, beetles and moths; protecting your carpets and preventing further damage.

Our treatment will eradicate and protect against all forms of beetles and moths including carpet beetle larvae, cloth and carpet moth. All the chemicals we use at our Gold Coast carpet pest control point have the capability to knock-down the pests soon after contact, without posing any danger to the environment plus your family and pets as well.

At All Aces, our number one priority is to offer you nothing but the best pest control solutions at the Gold Coast – the best you will ever get among all providers.

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