Pest Control for Bees and Wasps on the Gold Coast

Stings from bees or wasps can be a serious worry for us all because of the various dangers they pose. Parents with small children are often disturbed by bees and wasps because the stings can be extremely painful for the kids, with severe reactions that can lead to death if not managed immediately. Wasps are especially known to sting several times, so it is always advisable not to touch a nest whenever you discover them because if disturbed, a swam of wasps may come out of the nest and swam for several days which may not be good for you.

While most stings will normally occur accidentally in the garden, a good number could also occur in our houses or offices because the pests can also set up their harbourage here. Wasps can easily enter exposed drink cans and if you happen to swallow them they will most likely sting you in the mouth or even throat.

Wasps are even more common; loving to scavenge around places that they are most likely to find food. You will find them scavenging at home, school yards, food processing factories and picnic areas. Our technicians will identify the type of bees or wasps as well as the size and location of hives or nests and move to administer the correct treatment, accompanied by preventive measures to make sure your compound is free from any future attacks.

You can rest assured of a clean job because we have sufficient resources and well trained technicians to offer unmatched bees and wasp control services at the Gold Coast. We will cater to all your needs, however unique they may be. And at the end of every treatment, we will remove all the hives or nests just to make sure the pests don’t return.

In case you find out that the pests have indeed built their hives or nests in your house, compound or garden, contact us immediately to enable us address the problem instantly and set you free from possible sting attacks and other dangers.

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