Pest Control for Bed Bugs on the Gold Coast

The very thought of bed bugs crawling stealthily into your bed in the quiet of the night can easily prompt you to saturate your home with all manner of pesticides. The problem though is that some of these products will not eliminate the bed bugs completely and could even pose health risks. This is why you need the services of professional bed bug controllers to perform a thorough inspection to establish the extent of the infestation before they can move to administer any form of treatment. With All Aces Brisbane bed bugs control services, you can be sure that we will implement the most profound bed bug management solutions in your home or office and keep your environment protected from future infestations.

You are probably aware that these creatures were once a public health concern worldwide, but they were fought vigorously until they disappeared somewhere in the 20th century. However the recent times have seen a dramatic resurgence of bed bugs across the world with reports indicating that the number of infestations has increased tremendously. They can survive in air-crafts, suitcases, vehicles and cruise ships. Their reproduction rate is very high because the females can lay up top 300 eggs which hatch in 10 days! The best solution to bed bugs therefore must seek to disrupt their bleeding environment and make their survival difficult. This is the kind of solutions you will receive through our Gold Coast bed bug control services.

In the time we have been in this business, we have observed that most people attach stigma to the problem of bed bugs to the extent that they don’t consider professional help an option. Even big hotels and accommodation facilities will often ignore professional assistance and turn to quick solutions that unfortunately will never help in the long run. They don’t realise that they can be sued by guests!

You have no reason whatsoever to stigmatise bed bug problems to such levels; bed bugs are just ordinary pest infestations that can be controlled quite professionally. Our technicians have the requisite skills to offer the best bed bug control solutions at the Gold Coast. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we will come to your aid immediately.

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