How To Select a Professional Rug Cleaning Company

Before hiring a professional rug cleaning company ask yourself some key questions:

Rug cleaning companies are not all the same

  • Never select a rug-cleaning firm based on price alone. Price is not the best measure of quality service. If your rug is damaged, cheaper service costs you more in the long run.
  • Rugs should never be cleaned in your home unless there are extenuating circumstances. Reputable rug cleaners pick up and deliver rugs or have a location for drop off.
  • The most qualified rug care specialists distinguish themselves by their experience, in-depth knowledge of rugs, training, method, process, and customer service.


  • Are they active in an industry association?
  • Your pro rug cleaner should be committed to the highest level of education and training.
  • A quality rug cleaner is able to identify your rugs based on type, when and where they were made, and type of construction. This information is imperative to determine the best cleaning method.

Professional rug cleaning experience

  • Area rugs can be a considerable investment. How long has the company been in the business of cleaning rugs?
  • Are the rugs cleaned at their facility or subcontracted out?
  • All rugs are not alike and therefore should not be cleaned the same.

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