The Consumer Guide for Restoration Services

After water, fire or mould damage has occurred, how should you go about choosing a company to dry the building?

When it is time to make the decision, it is important to look for a well known restoration company, and not your common carpet cleaning company.

When choosing a company, some of the factors to look for include:

  • Qualifications should be attained through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) for:
  • Water damage restoration services.
  • Properly drying applied structures.
  • Repair services and re-installation services for carpets.
  • Odour elimination and control services.
  • Certification in commercial drying services.
  • Fire damage restoration certification.
  • Mould remediation and removal certification, is another qualification to look for when deciding on the company to hire for the services that have to be rendered.

It is also important to find a company that has certification from the American Drying Institution, to ensure they are in full compliance, and have the necessary knowledge, for the services that you need them to complete.

Companies should also guarantee the quality of the work they complete.

All equipment that is used for services, should be the latest, and the state of the art equipment that is currently available for the restoration services.

The company should have vehicles that are capable to handle and carry the equipment necessary, in the event the company has to do an emergency job.

Correct moisture detection equipment should also be in place, and proper reporting methods have to be followed.

Years of experience, doing hands on work is something to look for, but having quality hands on experience in the work is much better (e.g. a company can be in business for 10 years, but follows the wrong standards when doing the work), when you are hiring a restoration company.

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