Our Pricing


All Aces Cleaning & Restoration pricing is designed to ensure we review your requirements based on your specific needs.

We don’t use a one-size-fits-all plan for pricing.

Many carpet cleaners will tell you that you have to pay a specific amount of money for a certain service. However, these places will not tell you anything about many points associated with the work. You won’t hear anything about the equipment they use, their qualifications or anything about the service in general.


We like to ensure our quotes are accurate which is difficult over the phone.  We don’t do this because we don’t know anything about what items may be in the way or what specific items are off-limits for some reason. We charge by the square metre and in some cases we can’t charge by the full room because not all spots can be cleaned. For instance, you can’t just easily move a water-bed.

Another point about quoting is that prices for upholstery cleaning can vary based on the fabric, how dirty it is and what the seating capacity might be. It’s best for you if we review your furniture in person to get a better idea of what the pricing is.

In addition, most cleaners will charge the same total amount of money per hour. For instance, if someone charges you $60 for three bedrooms and a lounge room for half an hour, that person will charge you $360 for the same place and take three hours.

If you consult us at All Aces Cleaning & Restoration you can be confident that we’ll charge you for what you need and when you need it. Our guarantee, our equipment and qualifications are better than what you might expect to find elsewhere.

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