Why Consumer Carpet and Rug Spotters are Bad

Most people who own rugs tend to look for safe and effective ways of cleaning their rugs. There are various advertisements which claim to have solutions to their problems though they end up disappointing. Despite the promises made on adverts, some of the carpet and rug spotters being sold in retail stores and super markets are not that good. They are not meant to be used on natural fibres. Most of them end up causing more damage than good. This is because they lead to loss of colour or in some instances re-soiling takes place. The bad news about colour loss is that this is a permanent situation that cannot be reversed. This is caused by the optical brighteners and reducing agents that are present in the spotters.

There are times that one cannot spot the bleaching effect especially when the rug is still dry. This mostly becomes evident when the rug is wet and one has rinsed off the detergent thoroughly. It is now clear for one to see the adverse effects that the agents tend to have on the rug.

As far as rug cleaning is concerned, it is wise to avoid powdered carpet fresheners. This is mainly because they tend to leave powdered material on the rug after cleaning. When this material accumulates over some time then it hardens on the yarns. It eventually becomes so hard to clean and even impossible in some instances.

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