Stain Removal for Commercial Businesses

All Aces Cleaning & Restoration can provide a range of stain removal packages.

We can provide you with:

2 hour, spot stain removal service, rendered 12 times a year.

1 hour service 12 times a year.

1 or 2 hour services offered, 6 or 3 times a year, if you do not have so much traffic coming through the commercial space.

Coffee stain on office floor could use commercial stain removal services

With any of these packages, your offices will look good year round; whether it is the coffee stain in the break room, or grease build up in other rooms, we can get them out with one of our service package options.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, have certified all of our cleaning technicians, meaning each of them is fully competent and skilled at the cleaning services that they do. Regardless of the type of spot, spill, or stain we find, they are going to be able to clean it up; All Aces has the latest equipment, and our small spotting machines will not only take care of the spills and stains, but they will take up very little room, and will make virtually no noise when cleaning your commercial space. For a small office, our equipment is the ideal solution; and, with virtually no noise coming out of the small spot cleaner, when our cleaning techs are doing the work, no disruptions should take place with the employees who are in the offices at the time of cleaning.

You can call us today at 1800 00 10 10, and speak with one of our friendly consultants, to discuss the packages, the discounted rates, and which service offering is the best deal for your business.

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