Commercial Rug Cleaning Services

All Aces Cleaning & Restoration in Brisbane have one of the most extensive and thorough commercial rug cleaning services available on the market today.

In choosing All Aces for your commercial rug cleaning needs, you are choosing a team of professionals who have been serving the cleaning needs of south-east Queensland since 1988.

Not only do All Aces Services offer a hot water extraction service for rugs that are cleanable on-site, we also offer our specialised rug cleaning facility for rugs that require extra service, usually your more delicate and high value rugs. We are thorough and meticulous with our cleaning, and our specialised facility ensures that we can clean rugs thoroughly with no risk of shrinkage or shape change.

At the All Aces rug cleaning centre we use a dry vacuuming system that utilises the ‘Rug Badger’. Our equipment means that any level of soiling, from light to heavy can be removed without risk of damage to the material. We’re also able to be more thorough in our facility than we could be on commercial premises, so by using our rug cleaning centre, we can provide a more efficient job and get your rug back to you sooner, using our industrial drying centre and qualified methods.

Rug cleaning for rugs in office meeting areas.

There are a number of services that All Aces can offer for commercial rug cleaning, all depending on the rug. We have dry cleaning, encapsulation and dry compound cleaning processes to suit your needs. Our facility includes a unique drying room and we ensure that the humidity is controlled when drying your rugs. This is an important factor for wool fibres. All Aces is also experienced in cleaning silk, coconut, jute, nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, natural hides and many other materials.

Our specialist rug cleaning facility is located in Murarrie, and we can pick up and deliver all the way from Noosa to northern NSW and all with a maximum one-week turnaround. You can also choose to drop off and collect your rugs yourself on weekdays during business hours and Saturday by appointment.

All Aces commercial rug cleaning service ensures that your rugs are cleaned to a high standard every time, with no risk of damage or loss to your property.

Call us on 1800 00 10 10 for more information.