Commercial Encapsulation Cleaning

At All Aces Cleaning & Restoration we are committed to helping maintain your office hygienically all through the year.

We are a professional cleaning services company offering a comprehensive suite of cleaning solutions including dry cleaning, steam cleaning, an effective combination of both, cleaning through encapsulation technology and emergency spot and spill services.

Encapsulation cleaning for hotel roomsOur services are available to all commercial establishments ranging from a small retailer, a big school to an office located in the 30th floor of a building. We are equipped to handle and manage all issues and problems associated with the entire cleaning process. Our services are available to you at your required regularity, maybe just once every year or once every week. Our efficient and reliable reminder system helps us to keep track of the next cleaning cycle thereby ensuring that no lapses or oversights take place.


We offer customised packages tailored to suit your requirements. Our services include customised and standard steam-cleaning programs, dry fusion carpet cleaning projects and deluxe cleaning programs using either a highly efficient and powerful electric machine or truck-mounted steam extraction machine. Our encapsulation cleaning process entails the removal of soil from carpets by loosening it using very little or no moisture. This process is the most effective and low-cost option to clean and maintain carpets.

Our encapsulation cleaning process involves the following:

  1. Pre-inspection stage: At this first stage our experts would identify the carpet’s fibre and survey the spots and stains. This part also includes carpet evaluation and professional advice..
  2. Application of encapsulation detergent using a Cimex machine. The machine would spread the detergent using a rotational agitating motion encapsulating the soil. Ready for vacuuming when dry looking better and better after every vacuuming in the coming weeks.
  3. We use high-speed air movers for fast and complete drying of the area

Add On Services for Encapsulating Cleaning

  • Pre-vacuum stage: Here we would be using industrial or hospital-grade filtration.
  • Post-vacuum process: At this stage, the soil which is encapsulated by the detergent is removed.

Encapsulation cleaning for office floorsWe promise to handle your furniture with care. Nearly all your furniture including cabinets, desks and chairs will be moved to ensure every nook and corner is accessed

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