RugBadger Pro

The RugBadger (Bug, Allergen, Dirt and Grit Extractor for Rug renovation) is a high utility rug cleaning equipment. It is used by high-end rug cleaning facilities all over the world for removal of obstinate dry soil from rugs. Most professional cleaners use and recommend the RugBadger for thorough cleaning of rugs. It ensures the exhaustive removal of sand, dirt and allergens from rugs.

It is common knowledge that soil and other dry impurities are very hard to remove from rugs. Chances are, the dirt will persist even after the rug has been washed rigorously and vacuumed twice over. Dry impurities are almost impossible to remove using conventional rug cleaning techniques. This is because they get firmly embedded within the fibers of the rug.

The RugBadger Pro

The RugBadger is the most effective way of cleaning such rugs. The rug is passed on top of numerous grates, where the RugBadger pulverises the dry dirt and soil onto the grates without causing any damage to the rug. It does so by delivering over 600 harmonic vibrations per second to the rug, thus shaking off any dry impurities present in between the rug fibres. Post the badgering session, the rug undergoes vacuum cleaning on both sides. Even the most gritty dirt can be easily removed using this method. A Rug Badger is definitely needed for comprehensive cleaning of rugs.

All Aces Services uses RugBadgers to get rid of dry soil and dirt from the customers’ rugs, since vacuuming and washing does not cure the rug totally. At times, as much as 10 kg of dirt has been removed from certain rugs during servicing with the Rug Badger.

The Rug Badger is the brain child of Canadian designer Steven Roberts. A highly portable, unique and innovative tool, the presence of a Rug Badger is what defines a good and trustworthy rug cleaning facility. All Aces Services is a cut above the rest at cleaning rugs exactly due to this reason.