Water and Urine Affected Carpets

We received an urgent call to attend to a property in Brisbane for water damage. A pipe had burst in the vanity unit causing flooding to a three bedroom home. Due to the water damage, the tenants had quickly vacated the property. We headed straight out there and took moisture readings throughout the property. The loungeroom had a very high moisture content. We lifted the carpet to realise that a dog had been using the […]

Heat Drying Timber Floors and Kitchen Cabinets

This week a valued customer had an unfortunate water damage mishap in their home caused by a burst washing machine hose in their laundry where a significant amount of timber flooring and cabinetry was severely affected. When we receive a call for any restoration work it is imperative we act as quickly as possible (usually within 24hours) to ensure no further damages occur. Sometimes mould can appear on surfaces that are left untreated over a […]

Stain Removal becomes Water Damaged Carpet

Recently we received a call from a new customer who requested a Spot and Stain Treatment on her carpets near her kitchen. The stains were caused by dirty water that came out of her leaking dishwasher. Upon our technician’s arrival to her property in Kenmore, it was very clear that the job at hand was not going to be our standard Spot and Stain treatment at all. It was going to be a much more […]

Leaking Shower Head in Bathroom

Our Brisbane office received a call recently from one of our clients regarding a leak in their bathroom wall that was caused by a leaking shower head that ran down a crack in the shower grout. The property in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast was attended to by our lead Restoration Technician, Daryl.  After assessing the damage to both walls in the bedroom and hallway he made the informed decision to use a heat drying […]

Black Water from Storm Damage

During our recent May Storms, our team of technicians worked tirelessly to resolve, restore and remediate the worst of situations across Brisbane, and South East Queensland.  As the storm caused flash flooding, the damage to most houses were diabolical; however in some areas, the damage was exacerbated by the sewer system back flowing up into the house. This was the case with one of the many houses we restore in North Lakes, one of the […]

Water Damage Restoration Can Solve Your Mould Problems

You may not even realise you need water damage restoration, but in many instances it can help you have a healthier home. Take Sylvia, for instance. Sylvia was a very active 70-year-old lady. Her husband had died years ago, and Sylvia was active in her church, socialised with her friends, and often visited her daughter. But Sylvia had a villain lurking in her home. She had a water pipe that had sprung a leak and […]

Why Fire and Water Damage Come Together

It’s very often that fire and water damage come together. When your house suffered a fire loss and caught a lot of water in putting out the fire, there are important things you need to do to lessen the damage. Scope of Fire Damage Although you may have practice experience and knowledge about fire damage, only a licensed inspector like a safety engineer can determine the safety of any house. Thus, we advise that you […]

How to Prepare for, Respond to, and Recover from Flooding

All Aces Services has recently been inundated with phone calls related to water damage because of the heavy rainfall in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast that resulted in flooded homes and businesses. Many homes and businesses where caught off guard due to heavy rainfall. As a home or business owner in Southeast Queensland, you should know how to prepare for, respond to, and recover from flooding. When flooding is imminent If you are aware […]

Stages of Water Damage You Need to Know

Water damage is a serious problem that a home or business can experience. This problem has specific stages that every property owner should know. Many property owners fail to know that this problem does not only entail damage of the property substrates, but also covers the occurrence of microbial and fungal growth, which can be hard to eradicate once it occurs. Should this problem occur in your home or office, it is very important to […]

Why Choosing A Professional Damage Restoration Company Is Better Than Choosing A Handyman?

Your home is flooded. This is a nightmare to face. The worst has happened to your home. Whether the damage is a result of plumbing problems or natural disaster, water damage can really be overwhelming and expensive to face. As a home or business owner, you may probably think fast about looking for the cheapest contractor or handyman to clean up the mess and restore the damage. It is important to remember, however, that you […]