White Leather Upholstery

This week we were contracted to bring back to life a protected white leather lounge that was looking very tired and worn after a few years of use from a family with young children. When we first arrived our technician inspected the lounge thoroughly to point out any staining, rips or tears or problem areas and discussed these with the client before commencing the cleaning process.  A colour fastness test was also done on a […]

Super Yacht Cleaning

Our office at Murarrie received a call to complete a number of cleaning services on a $50 million dollar super yacht docked here at Rivergate Marina in Brisbane. The super yacht was three storeys high with a fly deck that could sleep up to 10 guests and 15 crew. Some of the services we were enlisted to complete were mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, leather cleaning and upholstery cleaning.  These services were completed over a two […]

Cleaning Car Interior at our Brisbane Factory

Our vehicle interiors bear the brunt of our day to day lives that we rarely acknowledge. Just think, how often we rely on our car to get us all to and from everything? Our vehicles sustain damage caused by everything from the muddy footprints, dirt, grime, food, drink spills, unsightly road trip car sick accidents as well as your little ones accidents because he or she couldn’t hold on that extra two minutes. You don’t […]

Cleaning Cat Urine on Roller Blinds

Do you have a beloved cat or dog that loves to mark their territory in or on the most inconvenient, damaging or expensive places? Well, you may have something in common with one of our customers who brought her roller blinds into our factory in Murarrie on the east side of Brisbane this week. We were informed that her dear cat had sprayed urine on them and that she was mainly concerned with the odour […]

Cleaning a Beloved Antique Chair

Recently one of our technicians Abe was at a job at Norman Park on the east side of Brisbane when he came across a beautiful old antique chair. The chair was in poor condition and had two significant stains at first glance. The chair was purchased over 20 years ago but approximately 10 years ago our client’s children accidentally spilled something on it. After tirelessly trying to get the stain out herself, our client surrendered […]

Cleaning Antique Lamp Shades

This week at All Aces our Brisbane office sent technician Abe to a residential carpet clean nearby in Balmoral. Whilst there, our client approached Abe and asked him some questions regarding her treasured lamp shade. As you can see in the before photos there was a large water stain that had turned brown and our client was debating whether or not it was time to dispose of it. Abe informed our client that didn’t need […]

How to Clean Upholstery on an Armchair

This week a customer delivered an armchair to our factory in Murarrie that was in absolute dire straits. The level of staining on this armchair was very high as it was used for 30 years and had been in storage for the last 18 months, which made it a challenge for our upholstery cleaning team. Following the initial inspection our lead factory technician Phill decided to spot test area to make certain that he could […]

Car Interior Cleaning after Spilled Sour Milk

‘’There’s no use crying over spilled milk…” well not in this customer’s case. This week our factory at Murarrie was delivered a BMW with a terrible smell under the front passenger seat due to spilled milk. Our lead factory Technician Phil upon his inspection had to remove the back passenger seat so we could pull up the carpet for cleaning. He also found the milk had gone into the speaker under the passenger seat which […]

What Your Furniture Says About You

You bought it because you liked it. It works well in your rooms, and you have owned it for a while. By now, if you are like most of us, you take your furniture for granted. You are so used to its being in your home or office that you don’t notice the spots and stains that have accumulated on your upholstery or the cleaning that it needs. But, if you want to have your […]

What You Should Know About Upholstery Cleaning

Sofas, chairs and armchairs are not only vulnerable to stains, dust and dirt, but grime can also become deeply embedded into the fibres too. Even if you can’t see it, the dust and debris is still there, so cleaning the upholstery is highly necessary for hygiene purposes. If the upholstery is removable, you won’t need much to clean them: just put them through the washing machine or pop them down to the dry cleaners. But […]