The Best Way to Clean Tiles and Grout

While a lot of people have their carpets professionally cleaned, the tiled areas of their homes and offices are often neglected. Retail products may look like they have your hard floors clean and shiny. However, the residue they leave behind often attracts dirt. This dirt can then be tracked off the tiles onto your freshly and professionally cleaned carpets, causing excess soiling in high traffic areas. Thanks to our magnificent weather, many homes in South […]

How to Clean Tiles with Qualified Professionals

Tiles can be very easy to clean and restore if you know what you are doing, we recently had a client located in the hub of Brisbane City Central who had a full set of units and common hallways with tiles.  They had a company come out and do test patches on the tiles, and at first glance it looks like they have etched them, in fact they have left a chemical residue on the […]

Residential Tile Cleaning

All Aces Services located specialises in hard floor cleaning including tiles, vinyl and wood floors. Our hard floor cleaning division based in Murarrie on the south side of Brisbane offers tile cleaning that includes cleaning of the grout as well. Most people who have tiles usually are concerned with the grout being dirty. This is usually due to the type of tiles that they have in their property. For example ceramic tiles are not porous […]

How To Clean The Tiles on The Floor Professionally

At All Aces Services, we’re specialists in cleaning tiles on floors, carrying out around 10 of these jobs each week. Although the majority of people clean their tiles weekly, most of them aren’t using the correct product for tile cleaning. They’ll use a supermarket cleaner that will in fact make their tiles dirtier, not cleaner. Why? Because with these cleaners, which are alkaline-based, a film will be left on the tiles. And that means they […]

Explaining Tile Cleaning According to Specific Tiles

Tile cleaning is a very grey area, but it is an area which All Aces Services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast are well qualified. Most tiles these days are imported and sold as higher quality flooring. This can cause problems for many customers who are not sure how to identify the tiles when it comes time to clean them. Since certain tiles require certain chemicals, it is always best to have a professional […]

Cleaning Tiles and Natural Stone on the Sunshine Coast

We recently had client from the Sunshine Coast who had an amazing unit overlooking the water at Coolum Beach. The client had these beautiful natural stone tiles but unfortunately they had not been maintained and the sealer had worn off. As the unit was so close to the beach there was a lot of salt in the air and this had attacked the tiles. The salt had slowly eaten away at the tiles and unfortunately […]

Carpet For Life – Maintenance cleaning

Carpets should always be maintained. The biggest concern I have, especially as the Commercial and Residential Coordinator, is that companies and people wait till their carpets look dirty before having them cleaned. One of my major goals at All Aces Services is to put companies on a maintenance cleaning plan. My latest success story was a company located in Brisbane at Paddington. They booked in to have their carpets cleaned as a one off but […]

Steam Mops…. what a flop!

Steam Mops… the latest craze in floor cleaning… but are what they are selling you really going to clean your tiles? Everyone loves a tool that makes life easier.  If you can get a mop that can clean and leave no streaks it must be brilliant and if it can even clean honey off carpet?  I haven’t seen anything more ridiculous… that steam alone will clean your tiles… Many calls are received into our head office at […]

Tile Cleaning Sunshine Coast

We recently had a client of ours in desperate need for Tile Cleaning. This is the story….. Her husband had been working in “man land” (his garage) on a vehicle – to which he was “playing” with oil and grease and he had got it all over himself and his boots. Without even realising he walked right through the house from the garage, hallway around the kitchen a few times fixing himself some lunch, into […]

Maintenance within the home…

These days we are so busy with work, kids, pets and our day to day lives, we forget to maintain items within our home. Having a proactive maintenance schedule for the home is a way to help prolong the life of your carpet, upholstery and rugs and make it a more safe and healthy environment.  Most times we won’t call to get our carpets done until they start to look dirty and there are traffic […]