How to Clean Ceramic Floor Tiles

A Retirement Village located in Ashmore on the Gold Coast needed ceramic tile cleaning in one of their units in preparation for handover in coming weeks. The ceramic tiles in this property were particularly dirty. There had also been minor renovations completed recently so there was a significant amount of builder’s dust that needed to be cleared up as well. The team at All Aces set to work to help bring this property back up to […]

How to Clean Slate Floor Tiles

Recently our services were required in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast. Our client had very tired and worn green slate tiles and wanted them stripped back, thoroughly cleaned and resealed with a high gloss finish.  They had advised us they were contemplating replacing the tiles due to the amount of time and effort it was taking her weekly to keep them clean however, decided to give them one last shot at survival. How to Clean […]

Cleaning Shower Tile and Grout

The bathroom is probably the room in your house most in need of deep cleaning. Dirty bathroom tile and grout can really be frustrating because one day the tile is clean and the next day you see the grime seemingly covers the entire bathroom. Tile and grout cleaning in your shower can be tricky to perform. Grout, in particular, is challenging to clean. Most part of your shower is covered with tile and not the […]

Avoid These Common Grout Cleaning Mistakes

Your tile flooring is one of the most expensive investments you’ve made for your home or business. Although tile floors are expensive, they are mostly neglected by home and business owners. Having a clean tile floor is very important, particularly if you own a business. Clean tiles make your home or business look clean, fresh, and inviting. Most importantly, it makes your property cleaner, safer, and healthier. In order to keep your tile clean and […]

Sealing Tiles and Natural Stone

Tile and stone flooring adds beauty and value to your home. As one of the most used items, your tile flooring may get neglected and start to look dull. Many homeowners in Queensland prefer tile flooring because it adds styles and it is durable. Although regular cleaning and sanitising help maintain the cleanliness of tiles, this may not be enough to prolong its life. When you want to make your tile or natural stone flooring […]

Grout Stain Cleaning

Tile and natural stone are meant to last for years and add a beautiful look and dimension to your home. As time passes, however, grout stains can become unsightly. They get stained and start to look dull. Some tiles and grout are porous in nature, so they trap dirt and get stains. Staining is common in areas like bathroom, kitchen, and tub because of soap scum, mould, and grease. Grout stains are very common. Sometimes […]

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Tile and Grout Cleaning

Cleaning your tile and grout is needed if you want to make your tile floor look clean and new for many years to come. Cleaning your tile only takes about one hour per week and professional tile and grout cleaning is only necessary once every six months to keep your tile floor clean and protected from damage. When you perform tile and grout cleaning, make sure you do not commit the following mistakes to avoid […]

The Importance of Grout Maintenance

Most people look at their tiles and think they are clean if they are shiny. This is not quite true. Have you ever thought about the grout that is holding the tiles in place? Most people don’t even think about it. I know I certainly didn’t before I started working at All Aces Services! Have you looked at the colour of your grout lately? Is it darker in some areas than others? Grout maintenance is […]

Professional Bathroom Tile Cleaning

All Aces Services has a very good reputation for carpet cleaning, but a lot of people don’t realise that we can give the same professional treatment to your tiles as well. Last week we visited a gym at Carina on the south side of Brisbane. The tiles in the bathroom were stained with a lot of dirt and grime as shown in the before-cleaning photo below. You can imagine the amount of bacteria and nasties […]

Tile Cleaning and Your Carpet

The way you look after your tiles can also affect the way your carpet looks. Most supermarket brands of tile/floor cleaner can actually leave a residue on your tiles. This residue can actually attract more dirt and grime. If the surface is especially sticky, you can also end up tracking the residue (and the dirt and grime) onto your carpets. This can end up making your carpets looking a bit ordinary, and can even up […]