What You Need To Know About Blood Stain Removal Before You DIY

We’ve seen our fair share of blood stains on carpet and mattresses at All Aces, but the one thing we cannot emphasise enough when it comes to blood stain removal is to avoid DIY using carpet cleaning and stain removal products from the supermarket. Why blood stain removal is risky when you use supermarket products The problem with cleaning blood from carpet or mattresses using supermarket stain removers is that they aren’t designed for all […]

The Busy Woman’s Guide to Home Decoration Using Wine Stains

One’s home truly is an extension of one’s self. Carefully chosen artworks hint at a depth of character, class and confidence. Glossy finishings speak of an air of sophistication cocooned inside a veneer of elegance. An assortment of various wine stains suggest a love of Fleetwood Mac, a fondness for carrot sticks and dip, and a difficulty with keeping one’s glass firmly secured in one’s hand. All of the Hamptons-inspired interior styling choices in the […]

White Leather Upholstery

This week we were contracted to bring back to life a protected white leather lounge that was looking very tired and worn after a few years of use from a family with young children. When we first arrived our technician inspected the lounge thoroughly to point out any staining, rips or tears or problem areas and discussed these with the client before commencing the cleaning process.  A colour fastness test was also done on a […]

Antique Rug Cleaning

All Aces Cleaning & Restoration had a valued customer bring five rugs into our factory recently from Bribie Island. The rugs belonged to a family friend who had sadly past away. These rugs were over 50 years old and worth as much as $8,000 each. Antique Rug Cleaning Process When the rugs arrived at our factory they were inspected to address any main concerns, issues or potential problems. Once enough information has been gathered,  our […]

Proper Carpet Stain Removal

The carpets in our homes can cover a large amount of surface area. Consequently they often cop a lot of wear and tear from our busy day-to-day lives. Our carpets can get damaged from a number of sources including food and drink spills, sunlight, pets, coffee, blood, vomit, lipstick, ink, rust, grass, dirt, oil, paint, poo, and much more! All Aces Services were recently called to a property located in Bulimba on the south side […]

Dog Urine on Carpet Odour Removal

I recently moved into a new townhouse in Carina. The previous tenant had a small dog that piddled all over the carpets. While the tenants had the carpets dry cleaned this in no way removed the urine stains or odour. There was yellowing on the stairs, brown stains on the carpets and when it was humid, a whiff of urine in the air. Our dog would rush past the stains with her ears back. Now, […]

How to Get Poop Stains Out of Carpet

Sometimes the cleaning requests we get at All Aces Services are not always straight forward. We often get calls from customers requesting stain removal from carpet and upholstery caused by food and drinks. However, sometimes we get enquiries for stain removals that are a bit out of the ordinary. Recently we received a call from a customer located at Southport on the Gold Coast who asked how to get poop stains out of carpet. A […]

Common Home Cleaning Remedies That Do Not Work

Stains on soft surfaces can be a occupants or owners worst nightmare. Most people head straight to Google or the kitchen cupboard for home cleaning remedies. The usual home methods people use are; Bicarbonate soda, DIY carpet cleaning products from the super market, we have even heard of soda, Jiff or vinegar. The problem with home cleaning remedies lies in the fact that most people don’t know what type of carpet, rug or lounge their […]

How to Remove a Food Stain Out of Carpet

It seems the common mistake people make when they discover a nasty stain on their carpet is to go through every cleaning product they have in the house to try and treat it. Despite the fact that their carpet is one of the most expensive items in their home, they don’t seem to take that into account when confronted with a stain. It seems they would rather trust the information they get from friends and […]

How to Remove Red Wine Stains

All Aces received a phone call from Nikki who lives in Kangaroo Point, South Brisbane. Nikki called in regards to a large red wine stain that was on her carpet. We sent our qualified technician Jai out to the job in Kangaroo Point. Jai inspected the red wine stain for Nikki and gave her some professional advice for when something like this might happen again. In this process Jai would use our stain removal product […]