The Busy Woman’s Guide to Home Decoration Using Wine Stains

One’s home truly is an extension of one’s self. Carefully chosen artworks hint at a depth of character, class and confidence. Glossy finishings speak of an air of sophistication cocooned inside a veneer of elegance. An assortment of various wine stains suggest a love of Fleetwood Mac, a fondness for carrot sticks and dip, and a difficulty with keeping one’s glass firmly secured in one’s hand. All of the Hamptons-inspired interior styling choices in the […]

Rug Cleaning Tips: Quality of Rugs

You are at a rug store looking for the final piece to decorate your home. There are so many rugs to choose from. You want quality and style and you would like all your visitors to comment on how wonderful your rug looks. Viscose, wool, art silk, rayon, polypropylene, polyester, acrylic….. OH GOSH what actually are all of these fibres and what is actually a good quality rug? Polypropylene/olefin – The cheapest on the market, […]

Shagpile Rug Cleaning Tips

One style of rug that has certainly become more popular in the home and more fashionable of late, is the shagpile rug. Due to the long pile, various thicknesses and designs that are out there today, it is important to maintain your shagpile rug by cleaning it regularly. Cleaning shag rugs however, can be tougher than ordinary rugs. Due to the type of pile these rugs have, they require even more attention than regular rugs. […]

Antique Rug Cleaning

All Aces Cleaning & Restoration had a valued customer bring five rugs into our factory recently from Bribie Island. The rugs belonged to a family friend who had sadly past away. These rugs were over 50 years old and worth as much as $8,000 each. Antique Rug Cleaning Process When the rugs arrived at our factory they were inspected to address any main concerns, issues or potential problems. Once enough information has been gathered,  our […]

Red Wine Stain Removal on a Rug

A rug with a red wine stain came to our factory in Murarrie on the east side of Brisbane that required a spot and stain treatment as well as a general clean. When the rug was first delivered to our factory our lead factory technician and office staff member went over the rug with our client to find out what the main areas of concern were. This is standard practice on every occasion. With the […]

Cleaning of Sisal Rugs

All Aces Services recently received a call from a client wanting their Sisal rugs cleaned. They had already tried numerous cleaning companies before calling us but none of the other companies would even attempt to clean the rugs. Eventually the client ended up calling the store where she purchased the rugs from to see whether they could offer her any advice. The rug store recommended that she give us a call as we specialise in […]

Cleaning Dog Poop Stain on a Rug

A valued returning customer recently had this gorgeous rug cleaned with us back in June. Unfortunately for her only months later we received another call as her puppy had a diarrhoea accident on it so it needed to be cleaned and sanitised again to rectify the dog poop stain. When the rug was brought into our factory our lead technician Phill, inspected the rug. He advised a spot and stain treatment was required, as well […]

Cleaning Wool Rugs After Many Years of Storage

This week we had a gentleman come into our office in Murarrie, Brisbane with his two Chinese wool rugs that he had imported from England over 30 years ago. He informed us that they had been in storage for years and that he had finally found the right place to put them in his home. When he pulled them out from storage he discovered that they were browned out from age and had a very […]

Removing Play Dough from a Rug

This machine tufted acrylic rug was brought in to our factory recently as it was heavily stained with Play Dough and food. The rug was used in a children’s play area and desperately needed to be brought back to life. Firstly we inspected the rug to try and identify the spots and stains that exist and pinpoint any areas that may require extra treatment. We then dusted the rug using a specialized Rug Badger machine […]

Poo Stain Removal on a Rug

Recently we had a rug brought into our factory at Murarrie, Brisbane that had surely seen better days. Our client indicated to us that one stain was animal faeces and that the yellow staining could not be identified. When a rug is first brought into our factory it is thoroughly inspected by our Technician to identify the troubled areas, spots and stains, rug fibres and rug origin. Each of these things will determine the way […]