COVID-19 Arm Yourself with Knowledge

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness. It is a member of a larger family of viruses known as coronaviruses. You can contract COVID-19 if infected droplets are transferred to your mouth, nose or eyes. This is mostly likely to happen if someone with the virus coughs or sneezes near you. It can also be transmitted if you touch something that is contaminated and then rub your face or handle your food.   What is the best […]

White Leather Upholstery

This week we were contracted to bring back to life a protected white leather lounge that was looking very tired and worn after a few years of use from a family with young children. When we first arrived our technician inspected the lounge thoroughly to point out any staining, rips or tears or problem areas and discussed these with the client before commencing the cleaning process.  A colour fastness test was also done on a […]

Sewage Water Overflow

Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than the smell of sewage water or a septic tank at the best of times but imagine having one of the above overflow and flood throughout your home or commercial property! One of our clients discovered just that when they returned from their holiday recently. They arrived to find a horrendous stench and muck throughout their property. Our technicians arrived at the property within the hour in this […]

Sewerage Back Up in a Brisbane Property

The team at All Aces Services received a distressed call from the property manager at a real estate around lunchtime last week. The manager advised us that the tenants from one of their properties based on the north side of Brisbane had called them regarding a sewerage back up problem. Faeces and sludge had overflowed and escaped through both the shower drain and toilet on the lower level of the property and needed urgent attention. […]

Masters of Disaster: Fire Damage Restoration

Recently All Aces Services were asked to perform Fire Damage Restoration services at a property in Cooloola Cove which is near Hervey Bay in Queensland. At All Aces Services, we strive to provide restoration services throughout Queensland and into northern New South Wales, so Cooloola Cove was certainly within our reach. The fire in the property started in the kitchen, however it was found relatively early and most of the fire damage was contained in the kitchen area. However, […]