Creepy Crawlies in Your Carpets

Do you know that there are creepy crawlies in your carpets if they are dirty? Dirty carpets are a sanctuary of tiny creepy creatures. If only you need to just worry about spills or stains about your carpet! Bugs are not the only thing lurking in your carpet; there are also nasty little things you can’t see. Let’s discover what these creepy crawlies are and what you can do to remove them. Bugs They love […]

Termite Control Brisbane

Termites, otherwise known as white ants, are annoying pests that can be harmful to your property. Termites can give a property owner a nightmare because they are probably the worst pests as they devour the structure of your home. These nasty creatures eat very slowly, but they are extremely disastrous when they are around in your home. If you have termite infestation, do not prolong the problem! Call a pest control company like All Aces […]

Carpet Moths Removal

All Aces Services offers a variety of pest control services. We can treat cockroaches and silverfish, ants, spiders, dust mites, fleas, hornets and wasps, bed bugs, rodents and carpet moths. You might have heard about carpet moths, but don’t actually know what they look like, how they become a pest, and what they can do to your home once they enter your home. Carpet moths feed on many different types of fibers, but they tend […]

Pest Control in Winter

Winter! Shorter cooler days, longer cold nights. We huddle down in our slippers, under our blankets and wait for the glorious warmer days of Spring. We are not the only ones who want warmth and shelter. Insects and rodents have the same instinct. They too want a dry warm place to hide for winter. Insects and rodents may not be as visible but they are still there. They are just hiding behind your fridge, TV, […]

Removing Rug Moths from Your Carpet and Rugs

All over Australia, treatment of most wool and wool-blend rugs has been an essential practice to prevent damage from rug moths. Naturally, rugs and carpets made of synthetic fibres are resistant to insects. This is due to the fact that these kinds of fibres are not food sources, making these even more resistant to moths, usually called carpet beetles. Though moths don’t usually stay on synthetic fibres, there are still moths already in the home. […]

How to Get Rid of Carpet Moths

Nothing compares to the beauty and long lasting qualities of wool carpet, but if you don’t undertake regular checks for carpet moths your wool carpet won’t stay beautiful for long. Your wool carpet is an expensive investment, so caring for it is important to get the best value and longevity from it. The Hidden Danger Carpet moths like to live in dark, quiet areas and one of their favourite places is under the furniture. Many […]

Professional Pest Inspection in Brisbane

All Aces Services recently received a call from Gaye, who lives in Nundah, North Brisbane in regards to her need for our pest control services. The client was suffering from an epidemic of Web-spiders and cockroaches in three units as well as garages and stairwells. Such an infection of pests was causing a great deal of stress for Gaye, and we were very glad to get her some help immediately. All Aces sent Matt, our […]

What are Bed Bugs?

As disgusting and terrifying as the thought may be, bed bugs are becoming a very common household pest. These tiny, wingless, oval-shaped insects grow up to 4-5 millimetres long when they reach maturity. Their colouring can go from a rusty brown to a deeper reddish-brown, and they are very flat. The shape of the bed bug allows it to hide in virtually any spot inside your home, no matter how small. They can easily slip […]

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Professionally

Debbie from Ham Brothers in Cannon Hill, West Brisbane, called to get rid of cockroaches in their office. The accounting company was in need of our pest control services to treat the spiders, silverfish and cockroaches that had started appearing around the commercial premises. Matt our qualified pest control technician went out to the property in Cannon Hill. First he carried out a full pre-inspection of the infested cockroach areas and also gave Debbie some […]

How To Get Rid of Silverfish

Lara from Fairfield, South Brisbane recently gave us a call at All Aces Service because she needed to get rid of Silverfish and cockroaches. As we spoke with Lara, we shared with her that we have a twelve month warranty for pest control. We also told her how the process would work. Lara decided to allow All Aces to handle the job for her. We decided to send Matt, our technician who is qualified through […]