All Aces Restoration Services

Is All Aces Services just a Restoration company? What is restoration? What makes a good restoration company and what separates all restoration companies from each other? These are all valid questions and even more so they are questions an insurance company should ask themselves before using a supplier and even the owner should ask before having work completed at their house. After all our house is usually our biggest investment we will make in our […]

Drying a Subfloor before a New Floor Installation

Over the years, All Aces Services has built a remarkable reputation by investing time and money to ensure their technicians get equipped and are up to date with relevant knowledge and information in the industry. Our technicians pride themselves with immense skills and specialties in subfloor drying, structural drying and hard to dry areas. It is convenient to call experts such as us to provide quality work. Recently we at All Aces Services had a […]

Clean-up Care for Hoarders

All Aces Services offers a wide range of specialist cleaning and restoration services, and one of those specialist services is organising and cleaning up the home of hoarders. Hoarding cases cannot be handled by just anyone, as it requires very delicate and careful handling of both the home and the home owner. This type of specialist cleaning and restoration should only be undertaken by experienced technicians and professionals who are qualified to do so. Our team of […]

Toilet Water Leakage in South Brisbane

All Aces had a call from one of our insurance companies where one of their customers had a pool of toilet water. The sewerage affected property was located on the Southside of Brisbane at Carina. A plumber attended to the property and fixed the leak in the toilet. We sent Jai one of our experienced restoration technicians to the job and he was there within the hour of the phone call. It was clear to […]

Masters of Disaster: Wood Floor Restoration

A recent storm caused extensive damage to a house in Wynnum and required wood floor restoration. Water flowed through the house, causing damage to the owner’s lovely wood floor. Wood floors are not only costly to replace, in this case the owner had a special attachment to this wood floor as he had laid it himself by hand. Luckily, All Aces Services was called to the property quickly to do a wood floor restoration inspection […]

RIA Conference 2010

An RIA Conference (Restorers Industry Association) was held in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) last month (March 2010). It included vendors from America, England and Canada show casing the latest and greatest in restorative technology. These included (to name a few) : heat drying systems, low amp drying equipment with keeping high cfm’s, ducting systems, bio sprayers, hand held bio systems. Heat is coming to Australia, allowing greater success to dry down those hard to reach areas. […]