Mould Inspection

We helped a customer today in which a house had been totally affected by mould. I arrived at the property to inspect the damage from the mould and to find out the source. The property inspection for moisture content was to see why the mould growth has spread as far as it had. My understanding of the story is that there was a preventative method used to clean and prevent the spread of mould. Different […]

Odour Removal

Cars and Cigarette Smoke. If you’re a smoker and smoke in your car, you don’t notice it as much as those around you who are non-smokers, but your vehicle can significantly absorb the cigarette smell. A new customer discovered this recently when he purchased a used car from a smoker. He brought his vehicle into our factory in Murrarie to have the interior carpets and leather cleaned and to hopefully have the strong cigarette smell […]

Biohazard Cleanup in Brisbane – Truths and Myths

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about biohazard cleanup and how the cleanup process is performed. As a consumer in Brisbane, it is very important to separate the truth from the myth so you can have the right knowledge in the unfortunate event when you need bio-recovery services. Our specialty restoration team at All Aces Services addresses several pertinent questions we’ve received about biohazard cleanup. What is biohazard cleanup? Biohazard cleanup is the […]

Common Leather Damage and Repair

Any leather furniture can be an attractive addition to any home. However, leather furniture is vulnerable to scratches, blemish, stains, and fading. These can diminish the appearance of your furniture. Let’s take a look at the most common leather damages and what it can be done to repair them to bring back the beauty of you leather upholstery. Marks, Scuffs, and Scratches Marks and scratches on leather furniture are common, especially if you have children […]

Crime Scene Clean Up

There are unfortunate times when people in Brisbane may find themselves victims of crime that led to serious injury or death. In such times, the family of the victim struggles to cope with the situation. Oftentimes, family and relatives are confused and do not know the next step to take. What if you find yourself in such a situation when someone in your family had been seriously assaulted in your home and a pool of […]

Contents Restoration

All Aces Services offers 24 hour availability for emergency restoration damage caused by fire and water. We attend properties to restore the structure of the building and the contents. Sometimes the contents cannot be restored on site so we bring back some contents to restore at the factory. Contents can include things like furniture, clothing, window furnishings, and other miscellaneous items. Our team performs contents restoration with care and precision. We recently attended a property […]

Break and Enter Damage Restoration

Do you know that aside from doing restoration for water damage, fire damage, and mould, we also do break and enter damage restoration? We recently had a call from one of the major insurance companies where a property had been broken into and a lot of the furniture had been doused in petrol. What happened to the family that resides in that property was terrible. In situations like that we need to be timely, professional […]

How is All Aces Services different to other Restoration Companies?

Sometimes an assessor/claims manager will get to a claim before it is allocated to a restoration company. All Aces Services strives to build relationships with all parties involved with any restoration claims. From the managers in the offices, to the assessors and insured parties, this way everyone involved feel they not only trust us, but they know we will communicate with them every step of the way through the restoration work. All parties have contact […]

Restoring Contents Items

In a lot of cases when water damage occurs not only are things like carpet, timber floors, kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities etc are affected but also personal effects. Personal items which are sometimes worth a lot of dollar value and sometimes personal items of sentimental value. All Aces Services has a specifically designed factory set up at Murarrie on the south side of Brisbane. Within our factory we have specially designed drying room where […]

All Aces Restoration Services

Is All Aces Services just a Restoration company? What is restoration? What makes a good restoration company and what separates all restoration companies from each other? These are all valid questions and even more so they are questions an insurance company should ask themselves before using a supplier and even the owner should ask before having work completed at their house. After all our house is usually our biggest investment we will make in our […]