COVID-19 Arm Yourself with Knowledge

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness. It is a member of a larger family of viruses known as coronaviruses. You can contract COVID-19 if infected droplets are transferred to your mouth, nose or eyes. This is mostly likely to happen if someone with the virus coughs or sneezes near you. It can also be transmitted if you touch something that is contaminated and then rub your face or handle your food.   What is the best […]

End of Lease Cleaning Brisbane Service

End of lease cleaning – it’s just the worst.  Just when you’re through finding a new property, packing up, chucking out… you STILL have an epic cleaning job to do.  Even if you’re just moving around Brisbane, a hop skip and jump from West End to New Farm… there’s so much to get done! Even if you hire a Brisbane moving company to help you, you still need to put in a lot of effort […]

Holiday House Cleaning in Brisbane

Do you own a holiday property? One that you and your family might get away to a few times a year but rent out to other holiday makers in the interim? How long has it been since it has had a professional house cleaning service? We all do our best to look after our family home and keep everything up to date as best as possible but tend to forget about other properties like rentals […]

Rental Bond Cleaning Brisbane

Recently we received a cry for help from a customer who needed both a full exit carpet clean as well as a full rental bond cleaning for her property in Murarrie on the south side of Brisbane. We sent two of our technicians to her property to clean all areas including windows and window tracks, walls, skirting boards, cupboards, bathrooms, toilets, light fittings, kitchen, oven, range-hood, hard floors and carpets. Rental Bond Cleaning Process Upon […]

Why Car Interior Cleaning Is Important

Does your car start to smell foul from the inside? Nothing is worse than opening the door of your car and smell bad odour coming from its garbage strewn and stained interior. If it’s been a long time since you have a fresh smell from your car, now is the time to clean its interior. Cleaning its interior is very important if you want to maintain a healthy indoor environment and enjoyable ride for you […]

Hoarding Cleanup Tips

Some people find it very hard to dispose of things that have no value. Many Australians suffer from compulsive hoarding, a psychological disorder that is characterized by inability to dispose of items that do not have worth. Hoarders find it very difficult to discard items like newspapers, junk mail, garbage, consumer goods, and other materials. When piled up, these materials can cause unsanitary and dangerous conditions. Hoarding can also lead to disability and even eviction. […]

Holiday Vehicle Cleaning

When you think of having carpets and upholstery cleaned, you think of having them cleaned in your home or office. With the wonderful lifestyle we have in South East Queensland, many people own Campervans, Caravans and Boats big and small. Now is the time to get them all spiffed up for the warmer spring weather! We can come to your home or your storage facility. Alternatively, you can drop your Caravan or Campervan into our […]

Carpet Cleaning Coupons

I recently asked one of our technicians what is the question he is asked the most by our clients. His answer was, “Can I have a discount?” Our answer is always a resounding yes. All Aces Services value our customers and offer a wide range of discounts, gifts and in some cases cold hard cash. If you are a new client to our business, you can visit our website and download discount vouchers for your […]

Injection Drying on Timber Floors

Injectidry was developed in order to create an advanced system that can easily dry structures effectively and at less cost. The motivation is to design a system that restrict the replacement amount when we dry off wet structures, and does not pollute the environment. The employment of a regenerative blower offered the initial solution. This device is common in the packaging industry. Aquariums also use it to blow air to fish. The machine seemed to […]

Complete House Cleaning Solutions

All Aces recently received a phone call from Lisa, who lives in Red Hill, North Brisbane. Lisa was calling in reference to a HUGE house cleaning job which she needed done as soon as possible. She needed our Upholstery, Carpet, Rug and Leather Clean. Since Lisa is a VIP member, she knew all about our guarantee, and noted that she wanted to use us because she knew that it would be a pleasant experience for […]