Odour Removal

Cars and Cigarette Smoke. If you’re a smoker and smoke in your car, you don’t notice it as much as those around you who are non-smokers, but your vehicle can significantly absorb the cigarette smell. A new customer discovered this recently when he purchased a used car from a smoker. He brought his vehicle into our factory in Murrarie to have the interior carpets and leather cleaned and to hopefully have the strong cigarette smell […]

How to Deodorise Carpet

Your carpet is a wonderful addition to your home. It gives comfort and improves the appearance of your home but it attracts dirt and odours, too. From cooking to pets to kids, your carpet is exposed to a lot of activities. Carpet odour, therefore, is inevitable. Carpet odours are annoying. We’re sure you do not want such odours to linger in your home. Unfortunately, even if you use scented candles and sprays, these odours stay […]

How to Get Rid of Cigarette Smoke Smell

Cigarette smoke odour in your home is one of the hardest odours to remove. This odour can make your living space smell stale. Cigarette smell can stick to any surface and can penetrate even remove crevices of your furniture. More frustrating is the fact that you can see and smell the yellow brown, sticky substance that is left in the area where smoking has taken place. Cigarette smoke does not only make your living space […]

Stinky Remedy: Ace Ozone Restoration Equipment

Sometimes when All Aces Services is called to do restoration work, it is not only for obvious reasons that you can see. We get calls every day for fire, water and mould damage that you can see the obvious consequences of, but what about the smells that are left behind? When we attend properties that have an odour, we install an Ace Ozone restoration equipment. Running this machine will eliminate any odours that may be […]

Car Odour Removal

It has all happened to us and, if it hasn’t, it probably will in the future – that horrible spill in the car. Whether it be milk, coffee or in this case citronella had unfortunately been spilled in the back seat, on the carpet and on the back of the front passenger seat of the car. As you can imagine the smell was not nice. It had been a type of fume it was giving […]

Dog Urine on Carpet Odour Removal Part II

We left off in Part 1 with the carpets in my home having been rotary agitated with the RX20. This process is a gentle scrubbing of the carpet to work the cleaning solution into the fibres. While the carpets were looking and smelling better already, our technician Abe was only half way through the process. All Aces Services Deluxe carpet clean service isn’t just about getting the surface of your carpets clean. It’s a thorough, […]

Dog Urine on Carpet Odour Removal

I recently moved into a new townhouse in Carina. The previous tenant had a small dog that piddled all over the carpets. While the tenants had the carpets dry cleaned this in no way removed the urine stains or odour. There was yellowing on the stairs, brown stains on the carpets and when it was humid, a whiff of urine in the air. Our dog would rush past the stains with her ears back. Now, […]

Removing Dog Urine Odour on Upholstery

We had a lady from North Lakes in Brisbane with a lounge that her dog had urinated on. She was quite distressed and wasn’t sure how to tackle this problem. She found All Aces Services on the internet and decided to give our Brisbane office a call to see what we could do for her. We explained to her how urine works and went through the process of odour removal with her. Below is how […]

How to Remove Smell of Urine from Pets

All Aces Services provide a wide variety of restoration services down to animal urine within properties. We understand that urine from animals can result into a massive setback to owners of properties, Insurance companies and Real Estates. Unfortunately fixing urine is not a simple task. Hence All Aces Services deliver prime services with 100% money-back assurance upon educating clients to get full understanding of this process. Recently we had a phone call from a Major […]

How to Remove Dog Urine on Rugs

When you have dog urine on a rug it can be difficult to effectively remove it yourself, particularly when the rug is made of Art silk. Any home owner with animals, particularly dogs and cats knows that accidents happen and ending up with dog urine on a rug although not uncommon is annoying and unpleasant, as well as damaging to the rug. Delicate fibres such as those found in an Art Silk or Viscose rug […]