Mould – Do you have it or can you prevent it?

After all of the wet weather and serious flooding, we have been receiving a large number of calls regarding mould. Mould is a serious issue after any disaster, especially after water damage. If not acted on quickly it can lead to health problems. The following factors have their hand in creating mould: Starter Spore Colony Nutrient Source Moisture Humidity greater than 45% Temperature of 20 – 30 degrees Celsius Bad Light Time We recently did […]

A Healthy Cleanup

Before the recent events of the Queensland floods on January 11, 2011, never did I think I would see any natural disaster to this scale during my lifetime, but especially so close to home. We have been assisting South East Queenslanders in the restoration and cleanup of their properties to help re-build to get back into their homes as quickly as they can. We have been assisting with pressure cleaning the structures once the walls […]

Mould in your home – is it making you sick?

Mould contamination has been identified as a major contributor to illnesses and poor air quality. Some types of mould can cause cancer, immune system deficiencies, organ damage, bronchial constriction, internal bleeding, skin disease or gastrointestinal illnesses. What causes mould? The following factors can contribute in creating mould Starter spore colony Nutrient source Moisture Humidity greater than 45% Temperature of 20-30`C Bad light Time All Aces Services have the answers to your mould problems. Our mould […]

RIA Conference 2010

An RIA Conference (Restorers Industry Association) was held in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) last month (March 2010). It included vendors from America, England and Canada show casing the latest and greatest in restorative technology. These included (to name a few) : heat drying systems, low amp drying equipment with keeping high cfm’s, ducting systems, bio sprayers, hand held bio systems. Heat is coming to Australia, allowing greater success to dry down those hard to reach areas. […]