Cleaning for Asthma and Allergies

Spring has sprung and this is usually the season where a lot of people develop hayfever and other allergy symptoms due to the many pollens and allergens in the air.  Allergens are hard to avoid since many of them float in the air.  Cleaning (like dusting and vacuuming) can stir up the air and the allergens in it.  Just like other particles in the air, sometimes cleaning products can “trigger” an asthma attack but it […]

Maintenance within the home…

These days we are so busy with work, kids, pets and our day to day lives, we forget to maintain items within our home. Having a proactive maintenance schedule for the home is a way to help prolong the life of your carpet, upholstery and rugs and make it a more safe and healthy environment.  Most times we won’t call to get our carpets done until they start to look dirty and there are traffic […]

Own boat, superyacht or campervan?

Do you own a boat or camper van? All Aces Cleaning & Restoration can tailor a cleaning package suitable to your vessel. We clean and protect carpets, vinyl, leather on any size boat or camper van, whether it be in the water off road.  We have done jobs at Rivergate, Wynnum Manly Yacht Club, Gold Coast Marina and many more.  Typical cleaning that we do involves cleaning around air conditioning vents as filtration marks form, […]