Professional Vinyl Floor Cleaning

All Aces Cleaning & Restoration received a phone call from a customer who lived in Camp Hill, and they wanted to know if we could do anything with their vinyl floors. Our process is one of a kind where we clean, strip and seal with 8 coats of sealer. We sent out our qualified technician out to the job in Camp Hill. When Jai arrived at the job he gave the customer a full pre-inspection […]

Vinyl Cleaning in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast

Our office at All Aces Cleaning & Restoration recently received a call from CY regarding our vinyl cleaning services. During this call we learned that the vinyl at their offices, which is located in Caloundra, were in desperate need of cleaning. We proceeded to offer CY our eight step cleaning process for vinyl. This system is so long lasting that if it is maintained properly, the floor will never have to be stripped and cleaned […]

Maintenance Cleaning for Your Rubber Flooring

Maintenance cleaning can be very daunting for most commercial businesses. Recently, we had a client, coming from Gold Coast at Surfers Paradise, who installed brand new u beaut rubber flooring. Keeping this type of flooring clean can be quite tricky — and can be much more difficult to maintain in a commercial space. He had to hire general cleaners to come over weekly in order to preserve its look and extend its use. Now, if […]

Cleaning Tiles and Natural Stone on the Sunshine Coast

We recently had client from the Sunshine Coast who had an amazing unit overlooking the water at Coolum Beach. The client had these beautiful natural stone tiles but unfortunately they had not been maintained and the sealer had worn off. As the unit was so close to the beach there was a lot of salt in the air and this had attacked the tiles. The salt had slowly eaten away at the tiles and unfortunately […]

High Pressure Water and Concrete Cleaning

I live in Brisbane and was recently looking to clean up around my garden as it had become a bit messy and dirty looking.  I have a medium sized outside patio which is a concrete and paved surface.  The paved area seemed to be a general brown colour.  I also have a painted concrete side path and driveway.  Over the years there had been a build up of general dirt and grime as well as […]

Carpet For Life – Maintenance cleaning

Carpets should always be maintained. The biggest concern I have, especially as the Commercial and Residential Coordinator, is that companies and people wait till their carpets look dirty before having them cleaned. One of my major goals at All Aces Services is to put companies on a maintenance cleaning plan. My latest success story was a company located in Brisbane at Paddington. They booked in to have their carpets cleaned as a one off but […]

Steam Mops…. what a flop!

Steam Mops… the latest craze in floor cleaning… but are what they are selling you really going to clean your tiles? Everyone loves a tool that makes life easier.  If you can get a mop that can clean and leave no streaks it must be brilliant and if it can even clean honey off carpet?  I haven’t seen anything more ridiculous… that steam alone will clean your tiles… Many calls are received into our head office at […]

Green Cleaning in Brisbane

A fairly large firm based in the heart of the Brisbane CBD in Fortitude Valley recently contacted All Aces Cleaning & Restoration to provide a quote on cleaning their carpets and vinyl floors.  The main reason this particular firm was attracted to All Aces Services was because we specialise in green cleaning.  This particular company are in a “green” building and could only use products that were specifically anti-allergy. We are finding that more and […]