Commercial Fire Damage and Soot Removal

The All Aces Services restoration team was called into the city one Sunday last month due to a fire that had occurred in one of the commercial high rise buildings in Queen Street in Brisbane City. The fire was found to be caused by the hand towel dispenser unit in the male bathroom. When our Technicians arrived the fire damage was significant and it was very clear there was a massive cleanup ahead. Heavy soot […]

Fire Damage Restoration: Rising from the Ashes

There’s no doubt that witnessing a fire in one’s home or apartment is one of the worst experiences anyone can ever go through. Whether the damage was due to an engulfing furnace or a simple burst of flames, the ordeal is typically horrific if not traumatic. Nevertheless, after the blazing fire is quelled, there is always a chance to rise again from the ashes. And this is by via a comprehensive fire damage restoration process. […]

Why Fire and Water Damage Come Together

It’s very often that fire and water damage come together. When your house suffered a fire loss and caught a lot of water in putting out the fire, there are important things you need to do to lessen the damage. Scope of Fire Damage Although you may have practice experience and knowledge about fire damage, only a licensed inspector like a safety engineer can determine the safety of any house. Thus, we advise that you […]

Fire Safety Checklist for Every Business

If you are a business owner or building manager in Brisbane, you know that fire safety is a top concern. When fire occurs in your business, it can have a devastating impact. A fire can race through a commercial property in a matter of minutes, giving you and your employees a very limited time to escape. As a business owner building manager in Queensland, you have a legal responsibility for ensuring safety of any person […]

Fire Damage Restoration Tips

When fire damage occurs at home, the homeowner is usually caught off guard by the difficulty of cleanup process while making sure the damage does not pose serious health risks to the family and result in further damage to the property. Fire is deadly. If it affects your home, it can lead to a devastating property loss. Aside from the primary damage caused by fire itself, secondary damage from water may exist because of the […]

How to Clean Soot After a Fire

Can you imagine waking up on a hot night, looking up and seeing the ceiling fan above you on fire? Thankfully, our client and his wife from Rochedale in the South of Brisbane were unhurt. Lucky for them, All Aces Services are the Masters of Disaster. We were called in to restore what we could and in this blog post we will explain how to clean soot after a fire. When our Technician arrived on […]

Managing the Damage from Fire and Restoration Clean-up

One of the most difficult tasks faced by a restoration company is cleaning up after fire has damaged a property. Fire can cause a great deal of damage in a very short time, and long after the flames have been extinguished there is invariably a strong odour remaining, which must be eliminated. Smoke can permeate not only the contents of a home but the materials it consists of also. It is not an easy task […]

Soot Cleaning on Fire Damaged Recliners

Fire damage restoration can be a very daunting task, especially when you end up soot cleaning some of your most valuable possessions. What can be worse than losing the thing you hold closest to your heart? This is where we step in. At All Aces Services, we do things a bit differently. Almost every day, we are flooded with calls related to restoration of things from moulding, water damage, smoke and soot as well as […]

Smoke Damage on a Leather Lounge from House Fire

Fire and smoke damage is not new to us in Australia. A fire accident is very unfortunate as it is a grave risk to life. Even when there are no injuries, it does major damage to the property and its contents. Not only at the immediate vicinity of the fire, but also in the surrounding areas. Fire burns things at the point of incidence, the heat causes damage to items and structures nearby, the smoke […]

Fire Damage Restoration Services in Wynnum

All Aces Services received a very detailed request from an insurance company for a fire damage restoration job that had occurred on the South Side of Brisbane at Wynnum. On inspection it was noted that there had been a fire in the kitchen and it had affected the whole house which consisted of the Kitchen, dining, lounge, hallway, entrance, study, master bedroom, as well as the second and third bedrooms. They had all been affected […]