Why Fire and Water Damage Come Together

It’s very often that fire and water damage come together. When your house suffered a fire loss and caught a lot of water in putting out the fire, there are important things you need to do to lessen the damage. Scope of Fire Damage Although you may have practice experience and knowledge about fire damage, only a licensed inspector like a safety engineer can determine the safety of any house. Thus, we advise that you […]

Is Your Home Safe From Dangerous Chemicals?

Home is where we feel the safest. We consider our homes a sanctuary where we can find comfort, peace, and refuge. But do you know that your home can be a haven of dangerous chemicals too? Yes, many of the things you own and use on daily basis may have dangerous chemicals that can damage your health and even your home? Well, we at All Aces Services will do our best to help you understand […]

Tell-tale Signs of Indoor Water Damage

Does your home or commercial building have any water damage? Many homeowners and commercial building owners are not aware of the disastrous impact water can cause or even signs that water is causing damage. It is very important to know tell-tale signs of indoor water damage to avoid structural damage and serious health problems. Floor Water damage usually occurs on your floor first, particularly when water has been on it for an extended period of […]

Keep Your Commercial Building Safe from Mould

Are you a business building owner in Queensland? Is your business building safe from mould? As a building owner or employer, you are responsible for a safe and healthy workplace for your occupants or employers, including making your commercial building safe from mould. What is Mould? Mould can be found everywhere. It is part of the natural environment. They are commonly found outdoors. Mould grows virtually on any material, as long as there is moisture […]

Toilet Overflow Cleanup and Professional Restoration Service

An unsanitary indoor flood caused by toilet overflow is probably one of the worst things to deal with. This nasty form of water flooding can happen to your home or business. Toilet water is highly dangerous because it is unsanitary. It is a source of harmful biological organisms and can lead to structural damage in any building. There are two main causes of toilet overflow. The first cause is clogging in the pipeline that impedes […]

Kitchen Fire Damage Cleanup

One common area in our house or office to catch fire is the kitchen. Fire damage is common in the kitchen because it has several hazardous, inflammable materials that can catch and spread fire easily. Grease, for instance, can quickly spread fire and set your kitchen on fire. If your kitchen has been damaged by fire, damage remediation should be a top priority to repair and restore any structural damage or items. Kitchen fire damage, […]

Laminate Floor Water Damage Repair and Restoration

Laminate flooring is becoming more popular in Australia. Many homeowners have laminate flooring because of its durability, sleekness, and tidiness. This type of flooring requires less maintenance compared to wood and carpet. Be that as it may, laminate flooring, like carpet and wood, has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages, too. And these advantages and disadvantages have an impact on the restoration of laminate flooring when it gets damaged by water. Laminate flooring is […]

Protecting Important Documents from Natural Disasters

Natural disasters strike when we least expect them. It is, therefore, important that our homes and businesses are prepared. Whether we are talking about floods, fires, or severe thunderstorm, it is very important that your important document such as birth certificates, passports, and marriage certificates are protected from possible damage. When disaster strikes your home or business, you only have limited time to run around and look for the most important documents. It is important […]

Structural Drying for Commercial Property

If water damage occurs in your commercial property, time is very important. There is no time to waste as you need to act quickly to minimize or prevent further damage to your property. If there is a longstanding water buildup in your business property, the damage will spread and mould problem will develop, which will cost you a lot of money in damage repair and restoration. There were businesses in Queensland that had been affected […]

How to Prevent Mould Growth After Flood

There has been recent flooding in Brisbane because of severe thunderstorm. If you live in area that is exposed to such kind of severe weather, you may find your home damaged by water. If your home is flooded, there’s a good chance that it will end up with a mould problem. Although you’re in a race against the growth of mould, bacteria, and other contaminants, there are several steps you can take to prevent them […]