High Pressure Water and Concrete Cleaning

I live in Brisbane and was recently looking to clean up around my garden as it had become a bit messy and dirty looking.  I have a medium sized outside patio which is a concrete and paved surface.  The paved area seemed to be a general brown colour.  I also have a painted concrete side path and driveway.  Over the years there had been a build up of general dirt and grime as well as […]

Carpet For Life – Maintenance cleaning

Carpets should always be maintained. The biggest concern I have, especially as the Commercial and Residential Coordinator, is that companies and people wait till their carpets look dirty before having them cleaned. One of my major goals at All Aces Services is to put companies on a maintenance cleaning plan. My latest success story was a company located in Brisbane at Paddington. They booked in to have their carpets cleaned as a one off but […]

Concrete Sealing

Concrete sealers are beneficial to your wallet considering the amount of time and money it can cost you to have your concrete relayed or repaired. Concrete sealers substanstially increase safety as well as increase the appeal of your concrete. They prevent contamination, abrasion, cracking, efflorescence leaching and much more. Concrete is a porous material and you can either use a penetrating sealer which ‘fills’ all the holes leaving a ‘matte finish’ (so it looks the […]