Best Brisbane Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning System

All Aces Deluxe Carpet Steam Cleaning System is the most comprehensive package on the market. Don’t opt for a carpet cleaner in Brisbane until you first have a look at our consumer guides. A lot of our customers tell us stories of carpet cleaners that have come in and cleaned their place in 20 minutes only to leave the carpets wet, and stains that have returned once dried.

The way to clean carpets is an art and science, which require definite steps. The best method of cleaning carpets is our deluxe carpet cleaning method. We have carpet cleaners at the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, and in Brisbane. Depending on your location, we can send carpet cleaners directly to your property.

If you want to know how our various carpet cleaning packages can help you, look at our Compare Carpet Cleaning Systems page.

10 Step Deluxe Carpet Cleaning Process

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There are ten steps in our deluxe system for cleaning carpets so your carpets will look as if they were new. Basically, we combine dry cleaning and steam cleaning. After that, you will feel proud whenever you walk over your carpet. Here are the ten steps of the deluxe system:

  1. We do pre-inspection activities, which include identification of your carpet fibre, survey of stains, carpet evaluation, and cleaning advice.
  2. We do pre-vacuum activities using hospital-calibre filters. By vacuuming your carpet dry, 70% of the dry soil in it will be removed.
  3. We move your furniture carefully. Furniture to be moved includes chairs, beds, dressing tables, and lounges, to prevent dust from clinging into them.
  4. We do spotting and pre-conditioning. We first determine the right detergent for your carpet and then apply it while hot. It begins cleaning your carpet at once.
  5. By using a pad or a soft brush, we loosen the soiling on your carpets. The process is called rotary agitation and it leads to a 50% cleaner carpet.
  6. We use a powerful truck mount steam extraction method. The method involves using high-powered RX20 Rotary Jet Steam Extractor to deliver plenty of heat and to vacuum your carpet.
  7. We deodorise and neutralise your carpet. By doing that, soil will not stick into it. Chemical residues will also not gather on your carpet.
  8. We use a rotary dry pad to remove any water from your pile of carpets. That way, your carpet will dry faster and it will also be 20% brighter.
  9. For a while, we will put protective tabs and foam blocks in place of your usual furniture. The foam blocks are for raising furniture and the tabs are for preventing transfer of moisture. That way, both furniture and carpets are protected.
  10. We will groom your carpet for the last time to erase cleaning marks. Then we will reset your pile of carpets. To ensure a cleaner look and to make your carpets dry faster, they are left standing.

Remember that if you live in residential or commercial areas, we may use air movers. These air movers make your carpets dry faster during the cleaning process.

If you want protection for your carpets, you can get the BridgePoint Maxim Protector. You will get a warranty of one year for spots and spills.

Satisfied customers enjoying their floor after our deluxe carpet clean.

Keep in mind that prices can vary if you are searching for carpet cleaners in Brisbane. We offer a 100% money back guarantee and a no-obligation free quote. Make sure you check out our page on How to Choose a Quality Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner so you will know what to look for in a carpet cleaning company.