Compare Our Carpet Cleaning Systems

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]All Aces Cleaning and Restoration provide a professional carpet cleaning service. We take pride in competing on quality over price and offer a range of carpet cleaning levels to help customise our service to your needs.

Find out the steps of cleaning included in our different carpet cleaning levels in the comparison table below. All Aces carpet cleaning services offer the best cleaning methods on the market!

  • Move Out Carpet Clean– Designed for residential tenants vacating a property, it is designed homes devoid of furniture.
  • Standard Steam Clean– Our no fuss basic carpet cleaning package, best for well cared for carpets that just need a good clean.
  • Deluxe Clean– Enjoy meticulously cleaned carpets, this level also includes a basic Spot & Stain Treatment.
  • Deluxe + SuperDry– With a drying time of 2-4 hours, this service offers all the luxury of our Deluxe Clean but with minimal disruption to your day.

Comparison of Our Carpet Cleaning Systems

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Steps of Cleaning

  • Pre-Inspection– Carpet Fibre Identification. Spot & Stain Survey.
    Professional advice & evaluation of your carpets
  • Careful movement of furniture. Most furniture will be moved. (Beds, lounges, dressing table, chairs etc.)
  • Pre-vacuum with industrial up-right; hospital grade filtration.
    Dry vacuuming will remove more than 72% of dry soil.
  • Pre-conditioning and spotting (some spots and stains extra)
    This is our detergent, applied hot, it starts working immediately. We use the correct detergent for your specific fibre.
  • Rotary agitation with soft brush of pad. To loosen soiling. Cleans up to 50% better.
    Agitation will loosen soiling from carpet fibres.
  • Dry Fusion Dry Cleaning. (Latest Technology)
    New technology that uses hot steam and low moisture to give you amazing results and quicker drying times.
  • Powerful steam extraction. (State of the art equipment)
    Powerful equipment delivers higher heat and more vacuum, resulting in cleaner dryer carpets. For high-rises we use a portable rotary steam extractor.
  • Deodorising and neutralising. No sticky residue, no re-soiling.
    Acid rinsing to neutralise carpets, preventing chemical residue build-up.
  • Allergy Treatment.
  • Rotary dry pad to leave your carpets walk-on dry.
    Removes the last standing water from carpet pile, reducing drying times and brightens carpet by 20%
  • Replace furniture with foam block and protective tabs.
    Foam blocks elevate furniture and tabs prevent transfer of moisture, protecting carpets & furniture.
  • Final grooming to remove cleaning marks.
    Resets the carpet pile, pile is left standing to maximise appearance and reduce drying times.

Note: Additional steps will need to be added if carpets have medium to heavy soiling.

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