Let’s go green when we clean!

Are you sick and tired of using harsh chemicals in your home? Are you sick and tired of spending $10 a month on floor cleaning products to find that they leave a sticky residue and re-soiling? Here at our factory in Murarrie we sell natural products. Not only are the products chemical free but they are highly concentrated so that one bottle will last you for months. We have a popular product called Natural Clean. […]

Mould Inspection

We helped a customer today in which a house had been totally affected by mould. I arrived at the property to inspect the damage from the mould and to find out the source. The property inspection for moisture content was to see why the mould growth has spread as far as it had. My understanding of the story is that there was a preventative method used to clean and prevent the spread of mould. Different […]

Rug Cleaning Tips: Quality of Rugs

You are at a rug store looking for the final piece to decorate your home. There are so many rugs to choose from. You want quality and style and you would like all your visitors to comment on how wonderful your rug looks. Viscose, wool, art silk, rayon, polypropylene, polyester, acrylic….. OH GOSH what actually are all of these fibres and what is actually a good quality rug? Polypropylene/olefin – The cheapest on the market, […]

Water and Urine Affected Carpets

We received an urgent call to attend to a property in Brisbane for water damage. A pipe had burst in the vanity unit causing flooding to a three bedroom home. Due to the water damage, the tenants had quickly vacated the property. We headed straight out there and took moisture readings throughout the property. The loungeroom had a very high moisture content. We lifted the carpet to realise that a dog had been using the […]

Shagpile Rug Cleaning Tips

One style of rug that has certainly become more popular in the home and more fashionable of late, is the shagpile rug. Due to the long pile, various thicknesses and designs that are out there today, it is important to maintain your shagpile rug by cleaning it regularly. Cleaning shag rugs however, can be tougher than ordinary rugs. Due to the type of pile these rugs have, they require even more attention than regular rugs. […]

Allergies Are Serious We Have Your Green Cleaning Solutions!

All Aces Services were recently contacted by a customer in Brisbane. Her young son had recently been diagnosed with Asthma and she suffers from dust mite allergies herself. Her main concerns were how to rectify the problems in her house to reduce and eliminate the symptoms. We were able to help her by using our range of Anti-Allergen products in her home. Their symptoms were drastically improved within one night. We have a variety of […]

White Leather Upholstery

This week we were contracted to bring back to life a protected white leather lounge that was looking very tired and worn after a few years of use from a family with young children. When we first arrived our technician inspected the lounge thoroughly to point out any staining, rips or tears or problem areas and discussed these with the client before commencing the cleaning process.  A colour fastness test was also done on a […]

Odour Removal

Cars and Cigarette Smoke. If you’re a smoker and smoke in your car, you don’t notice it as much as those around you who are non-smokers, but your vehicle can significantly absorb the cigarette smell. A new customer discovered this recently when he purchased a used car from a smoker. He brought his vehicle into our factory in Murrarie to have the interior carpets and leather cleaned and to hopefully have the strong cigarette smell […]

Antique Rug Cleaning

All Aces Cleaning & Restoration had a valued customer bring five rugs into our factory recently from Bribie Island. The rugs belonged to a family friend who had sadly past away. These rugs were over 50 years old and worth as much as $8,000 each. Antique Rug Cleaning Process When the rugs arrived at our factory they were inspected to address any main concerns, issues or potential problems. Once enough information has been gathered,  our […]

Super Yacht Cleaning

Our office at Murarrie received a call to complete a number of cleaning services on a $50 million dollar super yacht docked here at Rivergate Marina in Brisbane. The super yacht was three storeys high with a fly deck that could sleep up to 10 guests and 15 crew. Some of the services we were enlisted to complete were mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, leather cleaning and upholstery cleaning.  These services were completed over a two […]