Dust Mite Anti-allergen Cleaning and Treatments

Responsible Care System of Cleaning

ResponsibleCare is a system of cleaning for the protection of allergy sufferers and effectively removes dust mites. This family of hypo-allergenic products is designed to service homes of people who have allergies or may be sensitive to harsh chemicals.

According to the National Center for Health statistics, 41 million Americans suffer from allergies or asthma. One out of every seven households is affected and the numbers grow 10 % each year.

Cleaning For the Protection of Allergy Sufferers

Over 100 million North Americans suffer from allergies. Many of these households have never had their home furnishings cleaned.

MasterBlend now has a system of cleaning for the protection of allergy sufferers. This family of hypo-allergenic product is designed to service homes of people who have allergies or may be sensitive to harsh chemicals. The ResponsibleCare™ family of products do not contain hazardous materials but are derived from renewable fruit and vegetable seeds.

3D rendered graphic of a dust mite

The number one indoor allergen is faecal matter created by the common house dust mite. Dust mites feed off our shed skin. They are arachnids, not insects, so are related to spiders. They are eight-legged creatures, 3 microns in size and invisible to the human eye.

Dust mites are found in virtually all homes, no matter how clean. The primary source of dust mite exposure is in the bedroom. As we spend 1/3 of our life in bed, most of our shed skin is there providing food and warm humid environment for their growth. This is why mattress cleaning is so important.

Regular cleaning and treatment of mattresses, upholstery and bedroom carpet has given relief to these sufferers, Cleaning of these surfaces should be followed with a treatment of Dust Mite Anti-Allergen to control allergens between regular cleaning. This product is not a pesticide but neutralises the protein found in dust mite faeces that acts as a trigger for allergies.

Because allergy sufferers may be sensitive to solvents, perfumes or other hazardous materials, MasterBlend has developed Anti-Allergen, Hypo-Allergenic PreSpray for carpets, upholstery and mattresses. The final removal of soil and allergens is accomplished with Anti-Allergen Hypo-Allergenic Rinse.

When deodorisation is needed, use Anti-Allergen Deodoriser. It does not contain perfumes, solvents or pesticides but uses an oxidising agent to the source of the odour.

Plant based cleaning products for allergy sufferers

This family of products also has two items available to treat a home owner’s air handling system. Anti-Allergen Duct Wash is a final treatment after professional ductwork cleaning which leaves a non-pesticide to control allergens. Anti-Allergen Filter Enhancer is a consumer treatment for new fitters which aids in trapping allergens but does not affect the air flow through the system. The professional cleaner will sell the products to the home owner.

The ResponsibleCare™ family of products fills a need that allows the professional cleaner to perform valuable services for the allergy sufferer and individuals who are sensitive to harsh chemicals.

ResposibleCare™ products are tested and proven to be environmentally safe for humans, pets, and plants.

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