COVID-19 Arm Yourself with Knowledge

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness. It is a member of a larger family of viruses known as coronaviruses.

You can contract COVID-19 if infected droplets are transferred to your mouth, nose or eyes. This is mostly likely to happen if someone with the virus coughs or sneezes near you. It can also be transmitted if you touch something that is contaminated and then rub your face or handle your food.


What is the best protection from COVID-19?

Most sources claim that 60%-70% of the population will contract the virus, so it is important that you remain vigilant and maintain high levels of hygiene. The Queensland Government has developed a 5-step action plan to help people keep ahead of the virus.

  1. Clean your hands. Regularly. With soapy water or alcohol-based hand rubs.
  2. Keep your mouth and nose covered when coughing or sneezing. Using a tissue or the crook of your elbow is best.
  3. Avoid unnecessary physical contact, including shaking hands and touching your face.
  4. If unwell, stay at home.
  5. Keep away from people exhibiting flu like symptoms. 1.5 meters from those who are coughing and sneezing.


What are WE doing to stay ahead of COVID-19?

We have developed a strict management protocol outlining how we should adapt our behaviours at our headquarters, and when attending jobs.

Our technicians all carry hand sanitiser and a full range of person protective equipment. These include gloves, goggles, hazmat suits and a range of respirators. Our goal is to safeguard the health and peace of mind of our clients. To this end, we are more than happy to discuss the varying levels of protection our technicians might wear.


Our COVID-19 cleaning and decontamination services

All Aces also offers a comprehensive range of coronavirus cleaning and decontamination services.

Our services span the scope of Precautionary Cleans to Deep Cleans. All our technicians follow Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Principles for COVID-19 as outlined for the Australian Government Department of Health.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 1800 00 1010. We are happy to discuss all your options for protecting your people and business. You can also visit our COVID-19 page here.


How long does COVID-19 stay contagious?

Studies from the New England Journal of Medicine has reported that this coronavirus can stay alive from 3-72 hours depending on the surface. Below is a chart depicting these variations.



The Symptoms of COVID-19

Fever                                    Sore Throat

Coughing                             Shortness of Breath


Who is most at risk from COVID-19?

Coronaviruses, specifically COVID-19, do not affect everyone equally. While some people may simply experience flu like symptoms, others are in danger of full respiratory failure and even death. Those of us who are most at risk of experiencing the full severity of COVID-19 are:

  • People with compromised immune systems.
  • The elderly
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. They have higher rates of chronic illness.
  • People with preexisting chronic medical conditions.
  • People living in group residential situations.
  • People housed in detention facilities.

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